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    Just thought I would add my vacation experience in Jaco… We started a marathon driving tour through much of Costa Rica, and ended with 10 days between Jaco and Manual Antonio. My goal was to get a first pass at areas that had retirement potential (I’m 55). Now I’m prefacing this with the fact I’m a native to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m use to an urban environment. I really like Jaco, and very likely will purchase some rental/vacation property there. While I never went to the “crazy” bars, I could see they could get a bit rowdy 😛 .

    But… what I did like was the energy around the town, even late at night. I never felt worried or isolated. There were always a few folk wandering around. I was staying in a new’ish condo building just a block down over the bridge at the south end. … and yes, I could see walking more that way could get a bit more dicey. I will say I walked the bridge a few times to the grocery store around 10pm, and the worst that I encounter was a


    oops.. hit the wrong icon 😯

    to continue… The worst encounter was having a “tranny” ask if I wanted to party… I declined the offer, and “she” wandered away. 😳

    Yes, it seemed to have a good amount of tourism, but I also got a feel of a lot of local presence around.. I enjoyed having coffee at the small places.. and always felt welcome. If you are looking for a town the is asleep by 10pm and quiet, probably not the place for you… If you want a place that has some good energy, stores open late… streets busy.. fun vibe.. I would consider Jaco.. (or close to it, for a blend)

    If anyone is interested in my property hunting experiences, drop me a note




    Tell your experience here, love to read about the process and other folks experiences. Good read on Jaco, I guess coming from NYC, I never felt uncomfortable in Jaco either, though was aware of some of the shady stuff going down. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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