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    Roark, (Is the rork or ro-ark) always reminds me of the Sandra Bullock character)

    Yes I will pay taxes (after Clinton balanced the budget by sacking social security and the president who sickens me to mention his name and that I am part of the same country that he leads (?) is bankrupting us) because who is going to watch out for the little guy.

    The US system as been set up as it is, there seems to be no turning back unless the electorate decides to pay a huge price. Inevitably there will be a price to pay (financial, physical and emotional) for funding and participating in the most stupid of all wars). So reluctantly I will help pay it.

    We have a chance to keep the US out of Costa Rica by not acting as if Costa Rica is the US. This is the gist of my article. Most US citizens here are so heavily indoctrinated they think blindly participating with the governments every whim is correct, its paint-by-the-numbers citizenry.

    Also as little as 10 years ago you did not see the same types of Americans here. They were much more independent minded. Now the middle of the road follower mentality is here in force and is defiantly the wave of the future as CR is now mainstream, who robotically do what they are told, even if it enslaves them – remember the old bumper sticker “Blow up your Television” That’s the enslavers mechanism.

    It’s funny how the new comers rush to get dish TV etc. I must say that when it became available in CR I got it. And the Dish still sits on the roof, even though I have not subscribed to it in many years. I still watch some TV at my neighbors house as he is a political junkie (both CR and US politics) – so its amusing to discuss ideas with him, ours and others.

    Regarding genocide, there has to be a civil war. We caused that because we did not install someone to fill the vacuum and we decided to destroy the ruling government – big mistake. The high and mighty thinkers that never read Machiavelli didn’t understand that the populace is not educated enough for democracy and further more democracy is only a theory as if you notice as in the pledge of allegiance we do not pledge allegiance to a democracy but to a flag the represents a Republic.

    I would never want a true democracy because an ill informed persons vote counts as much as an informed persons vote – that why we got bush whacked. If I was king (shutter at the thought) I would make people pass a test to gain voting rights. That way being a voter would be a status symbol of basic knowledge and earned.

    Bush is an under educated man who is buddy-buddy with the head of the military industrial complex with a complex regarding his father – who by the way pleaded with junior not to begin an occupation of Iraq. He will undoubtedly go down as the worst president in US history – undoubtedly.

    And i could careless about Iraqui nation building and their freedom. They have no other frame of reference than being good little followers and look where that got them. To me the Iraquis are spineless and could care less about personal freedom. They are how our Imperial leader wishes us to be: so engaged with making it through the day that there is no time left to think and act.

    Gotta go and walk my kid to public school – how many other gringos do you know that send their kids to CR public school. That should tell you where my heart is.


    Lotus – there, we agree on something! It was indeed a sham – a point more than eloquently made by me in my post on Ali’s kebab vans! Whilst I am of course joking about the takeout kebab vans it is important to note how Collin Powell is now trying to distance himself from the whole affair as are all the other hypocrits like Hillary who voted for it. Give the crowd what they want then lie to them about how you will withdraw the troops. Shall we take bets now on how long it actually takes to get them out? A leaked report this week revealed how the Pentagon is already drafting a further two year occupancy plan…and so it goes on….


    Ok, I’d like to chime in on this one, (I know we are supposed to be talking about
    Costa Rica in this forum,) but I cant resist, now that the topic has turned to whats
    been happening here in America in relation to the war in Iraq. The thing I dont understand is, if Bush is pronouncing that this war is all about spreading Democracy
    (WMDs and Saddam Hussein having already fallen by the wayside), why no one is
    “taking Bush” up on this by suggesting that we show real Democracy in Iraq. This
    could be done by holding an internationally supervised Election (no electronic
    voting machines), in which one question would be asked of the Iraqi people “Do you
    want the United States to leave Iraq?” All Iraqis would be eligible to vote
    (including “insurgents”, if they are Iraqi citizens. When 51% of the electorate
    votes “Yes”, we leave, and the United Nations could step in in the interim. This
    would allow our country to save face (we brought them the “power of the vote”),
    and allow the Iraqis to dictate their own future. Any thoughts on this?


    Yes but the US is only interested in ‘democracy’ where the people they want to be elected get elected.

    When it’s a “real democracy” (and some people would questions whether you really have a “real democracy” in the USA) and the policitican that wins is not one that the gringos want then they send in the goons as they have done on numerous occasions.

    Scott Oliver – Founder


    Roark – Whilst I may not agree with the general sentiment of your post I do think it’s important for alternate opinions to be voiced. I’m sure there are plenty of Bush supporters reading this forum who might be a little intimidated to go against the grain of what seems to be mostly Democrats or non- Bush supporters.

    As regards “when America engages we win” I think not so distant history demonstrates the opposite, certainly in Vietnam this was not the case. When the U.S pulled out the region did not go communist and the domino theory was proven to be, well…just a theory. The same mentality exists today with the neo-cons believing they know the future and advising Bush to take pre-emptive action.

    The genocide is inevitable at this point barring the U.N making a long term commitment and even then there’s probably not much they could do.

    There can be no victory in Iraq; too many lives have been lost over a pack of lies. The Case for War made by Collin Powell was a farce, there were no terrorists in the country before but there sure are now. The British are responsible for the creation of Iraq, we forced the warring tribes to live together. Sooner or later it was bound to fall apart and the U.S removed the only thing that was holding the powder-keg together.


    I would love and welcome such a vote. If the majority of Iraqis voted to have us leave, we should leave. I think the vote though would be for us to stay and help secure the country.


    America disengaged in Vietnam. The killing fields of Cambodia then followed, 2 million Cambodians were slaughtered by communists. Ho Chi Min stated that they could not beat the Americans on the battlefield but they would win through the American media and its Universities… and he was right. History will repeat itself, if the democrats have their way.



    Facinating idea. I totally agree and I think its such a good idea that it should be a you tube question for the presidential debate. BTW Chet I tried to email you but the mail was returned (no such address).

    Roark – I strongly disagree and I wish there were Vegas Odds as I would love to bet that there would be an overwhlming majority to leave.


    We’re not supposed to leave email addresses, but would love to strike up
    a conversation with you concerning this. (sorry Scott)


    Yes that was some disengagement!

    The argument for being in Iraq is, according to Bush one of conflicting ideologies. He claims this is fight for our very way of life since these extremist Muslims want the West to live under strict Islamic law. The argument for going into Vietnam was the same type; if Vietnam falls to communism the whole region will follow and then we’re next; the Domino theory.

    Did the communists win? No, the spread of communism theory turned out to be wrong; in the end communism was rejected without the U.S being present in Vietnam. But since we don’t learn from history we are destined to repeat the same mistakes.

    You say history will repeat itself? If so great! Last time I checked South East Asia was a bustling hive of trade and commerce!

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    Dude, assuming they vote for us to stay (which they won’t). So what!
    Should we send troops to every country? we already do (100 plus US foriegn bases and counting)
    Are you willing to pay for this adventure? We’re already in debt to our eye balls…
    How many more of our kids will we kill and mame?

    I’d like to vote… I vote we become a big Canada…eh! (less the socialized medicine and hockey)

    Scott is right, “Democracy” has nothing to do with this war… its just being used as another rally cry by those with power to control those without…

    More war? no thank you…


    Omar Fadhil would disagree with you.


    30+ years after the Kmer Rouge slaughtered millions.


    I, like Diego would be willing to wager (considering the protests that occurred
    recently in Iraq) that the Iraqis would want us out. Maybe the exercise of the
    power and importance of honest voting would have an impact not only on the Iraqis but on Americans also, considering next Novembers elections in the US will undoubtedly determine the future of the U.S as well as the rest of the world. I Sure am glad We’ve got a house in Costa Rica!!



    You’re a bit behind the times, there have been concrete plans for a border less community with the USA, Canada and Mexico for some time and it would appear that they plan on creating the ‘Amero’ to replace the dollar as it’s currency.

    Haven’t seen this? You really need to….

    Search for “North American Community”, “Amero” and “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.”

    Look at the US government website at ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America’ at and remember that whatever the government’s stated goal is – “security” and “prosperity” will apply to a select few but certainly not to people like you and I.

    President Bush, Fox and Martin statement at

    The Canadian government website at

    The North American Union will replace the USA

    You might also want to see the “Dollar collapse would result in ‘amero'” at

    This is also interesting:

    But not everyone is happy about this as you can see at

    Scott Oliver – Founder

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