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    I agree costaricafinca and my sincere condolences to the family but my God where do we get abusing other people from the sad reality of death.

    I will end this with saying I apologize but my anger got the best of me. I am just shocked at where this thread went.


    [quote=”DonDiego”]Who will play the irrepressable Don Diego, Do-Gooder David and Sprite the Heathen?[/quote]

    I have (for some odd reason) been following this… and I think Desi Arnaz (in full ‘Ricky Riccardo’ mode) to play Don San Diego (name changed for creative license) due both to his uncanny resemblance and his 50’s attitudes.

    For the female lead… Sharon Osborne (secretly leading a group of strong, independent, successful women).

    May need an R rating for all the blood… 🙄


    [quote]Of course, if you can prove otherwise, if you can prove that there is no supernatural, then I may owe you an apology. So if you have proof, let’s hear it.[/quote]

    You owe me an apology.
    Since a negative can never be proven, the burden of proof falls to the one who posits an idea. There is no need to prove there is no supernatural. To the contrary, the supernatural needs to be proven.

    What you see as a rude, disrespectful opposition to an idea is merely my request for proof to substantiate that idea. In the case of belief in a god, that proof is never forthcoming. Instead, I am answered with indignation that anyone would question inane, silly and preposterous ideas presented as absolute truth.

    If anyone has a right to be offended, it is the one who is confronted with stupid, highly improbable notions and is told that he is either to believe them without proof or to not question them at all in the name of not offending the believer. In other words, the religious arrogantly demand that everyone either have faith or shut up. That is a disrespectful attitude on their part which insults the intelligence of rational people. I am tired of tip toeing around religious beliefs so as not to offend the silly and the faithful. We need to have rational discussion about these harmful religious beliefs.

    Many Muslims want to murder anyone who insults their child- molesting prophet. Many Christians today do not tolerate criticism or opposing ideas. There really isn’t any time left for this kind of stupidity. We are on the brink and wasting time and energy with this nonsense.


    [quote=”costaricabill”][quote=”DonDiego”]Who will play the irrepressable Don Diego, Do-Gooder David and Sprite the Heathen?[/quote]

    I am working on that but can’t make much progress because I can’t stop laughing……”Sprite the Heathen” – that is hilarious! I can see it rolling across the big screen now![/quote]

    I am laughing my arse off! Sprite the heathen, indeed! Perhaps Don Diego might want to change the title to Sprite, the eunuch heathen?


    Sprite – you may indeed be right that there is no God and all religions are a farce, but I can only fall back on what my mom taught me when I was young….. [b]”Wouldn’t you prefer to live your life as if there is a God only to learn in the hereinafter that there is none, rather than to live your life as if there is no God only to find out in the hereinafter that indeed, there is”.[/b]

    You don’t need to answer or respond, you already have and I respect your right to believe as you do. I only wish you would do likewise.

    And by the way, I am hoping to get Jack Nicholson on board to play the part of “Sprite the Heathen”. Is that OK with you?


    That would be fine with me, crbill, especially if he can reprise his role in The Witches of Eastwick.


    Glad to have you back Don Diego. Its hard to take you dead on seriously, but indeed between the innuendo and the downright thugishness there is brilliance and truth in your posts. Takes a little thought and digging though.

    Let’s see for Do Good Dave I pick Jack Palance, rusty old warden type or Dudley Dooright. For Don Diego I cast Tom Cruise or Pat Morita (Mr Miyagi). Let’s see Sprite the heathen. I pick Cher in drag doing her best Gene Simons or Robert Downey Jr. The female part,well that would have to be Jenifer Lopez or Courtney Friel (Fox news) as Don Diego’s muse. Just google her and you will know what I mean. Who would be our muse Don Diego?


    [quote]And by the way, I am hoping to get Jack Nicholson on board to play the part of “Sprite the Heathen”. Is that OK with you?[/quote]

    What a coincidence! Jack Nicholson was the name that popped into my head as well. Now I am wondering what role brought him to both of our minds for the part of Sprite, the heathen.

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