“Hello fellow VIP Members! Here is my story about how I found Dr. Mario, Charlie Dennard, GREAT dental work and a unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica!

After 17 years, a bridge had decayed to the point where I needed extractions and implants and after I consulted a dentist who specialized in oral surgery, I left his office in a state of shock over the cost of his proposed treatment plan…

A few days later I was having breakfast with a friend of mine who mentioned he was returning to Costa Rica in the coming week to have his permanent crowns put on his implants.

My good friend told me about the savings and his very satisfying experience with the entire dental process and recommended I speak to his Dental Coordinator in Costa Rica Charles Dennard, AKA Charlie!

He explained that Charlie Dennard is a consultant, guide and companion who brings everything together so each client will have a successful dental outcome and a memorable stay in Costa Rica.

So after my conversation with my friend I began investigating Dr. Mario’s background.

Dr. Mario is a graduate of the University of Miami Dental School and specializes in oral surgery and did his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Not only that I also found out that he has been in practice for 20 years, has a state-of-the-art facility with its own laboratory, that everyone in the office speaks English fluently and his practice has been vetted and approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield for their US policyholders!

I put in a call to Charlie to get a better feel for this…

Charlie was very knowledgeable about the whole process, he was not pushy nor did he act as a salesman. Charlie was able to answer every question and gave me time to think and make my own decisions. With his knowledge of this business, his experience with Dr. Mario and his level of professionalism I gained enough confidence to move forward.

My wife and I had decided to go to Costa Rica a few days early to do a little tourist stuff before my Costa Rica dental journey began. Right away Charlie’s knowledge and contacts started paying off. Charlie put us in touch with a very nice lady named Ginette who arranged our day excursion to go zip lining and what a blast we had!

The next day I had my initial consultation with Dr. Mario who’s office is located in the same Centre as our hotel, so to get to his office, the trip was a mere walk across the parking lot.

Fast, Efficient and Affordable Dental Treatment in Costa Rica.

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Have you ever considered Costa Rica for dental tourism? While saving a significant amount of money, you can get professional dental services and enjoy a short vacation in a beachy paradise.

We work with Costa Rica dentists since 2003 and we know the market better than anyone. It allows us to provide unique features for our visitors:

  • Recommened by US Embassy in Costa Rica
  • Dentist to the President of Costa Rica – Laura Chinchilla
  • First licensed Dental Implant Specialist in Costa Rica, 1996
  • 50% to 60% lower prices compared to US and Canada
  • Free Airfare
  • Dental work 100% guarantee

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We met with Dr. Mario right away and after a 3D tomography of my teeth, his in-depth explanation and recommendation that I have three implants made perfect sense and after quoting the cost it was a no-brainer.

My first question was how long would this procedure take. Dr. Mario said: “Let’s see, three implants, I should be done in 30 to 45 minutes.” I was shocked because I had figured I would be there the rest of the evening.

Sure enough, about thirty minutes later he said, “Okay, I’m done!” I was given a post-op care checklist of things I needed to do over the next couple days and what to do if I ran into a problem. That was it! The entire process had lasted just over thirty minutes!

By Wednesday, there was not enough discomfort in my mouth to keep me in the hotel room. Charlie called each day to check on me and said that he had scheduled a ‘Couples Massage’ at the 5 star InterContinental Hotel Spa and invited us as his guests.

The massage was exceptional! Then later that evening he took us, again as his guests, to Casona de Laly where we had a real Tico dinner in a great atmosphere.

The next day Charlie gave us a guided tour of San Josés Central Market (souvenir hunting) and of Barrio Amon in San Jose… absolutely beautiful!

I returned to Dr. Mario’s office for my final checkup and was told I was healing very well and there was no need for another visit on this trip.

We have been home in the U.S. for two weeks now and there is not a bit of discomfort around the surgery area.

I have calculated, based on the cost estimates from the local dentist in the U.S., that after including the cost of our return visit for both my wife and I, I will have saved over 50% on the cost of this procedure and will have have visited Costa Rica twice.

I highly recommend Charlie and Dr. Mario as a dental option worth pursuing if you have the need for major dental care.”

Written by VIP Member Ronnie Marks who is from Baton Rouge, LA. U.S.A.

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