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Costa Rica Real Estate – Fire Regulations.

They want coherent norms when it comes to human security against fires in buildings and to reevaluate the regulation on human security and protection against fires published in January.

Buying or Building a House in Costa Rica is Different

Costa Rica Real Estate – Buying or Building a House in Costa Rica is Different … Having said that – should you buy? Absolutely! If you have a serious interest or have definitely already decided to invest in Costa Rica real estate, go ahead and do it! Costa Rica is a remarkably beautiful country. The […]

Alternative Homes – Container Homes

New on the Costa Rican real estate market are container conversions. I found William Alpizar completely by chance when I spotted the model house of a single container at Santa Ana, just west of San Jose.

Costa Rica Real Estate – Avoiding Scams

In his Spanish book about Costa Rica real estate; ‘Building your House: Cheap Ends Up Expensive’ Rodrigo Bermudez defines rooks as those black birds of prey that steal other birds’ eggs and multiply like crazy.

Costa Rica Real Estate – Why Buy Now?

It is one of the oldest democracies in the Americas and abolished its Army over 50 years ago, choosing instead to spend that money on education and health services for its inhabitants. After 50 years, the results are there for everyone to see and enjoy.

Property For Sale in Costa Rica – Guarantees

You have every right to a guarantee when buying any product and you also receive one when looking for property for sale in Costa Rica, but what happens when the house you are buying is used?

Buying & Building Costa Rica Real Estate – Who Will Protect You?

I would like to group people who have an interest in buying real estate and do a similar activity. Point to the person in the room you feel most likely will be taken advantage of in a real estate transaction. Everyone selects and points – to another person.

Costa Rica Real Estate – Mistakes To Avoid

Do NOT assume that things operate the same way in Costa Rica real estate as they do with real estate in North America. Whatever Costa Rica property you are considering – Make sure you do survey the property. You must ensure the building/home is inspected by an expert in Costa Rica real estate. Do NOT […]

Down Payments – To “Tie Down” Your Home in Costa Rica

These days, offers abound on Costa Rica real estate for local buyers with promises that the house of their dreams is theirs for a down payment of 15-20% of the total value. Not bad, right?

Investing – Beware You’re Not the Sheep that’s Fleeced!

Let’s face it, we all want to make the big hit, win the lottery, ring the bell once in our lives and create for ourselves the opportunity to retire with a wad of money hidden safely away in some offshore retreat.

Costa Rica Real Estate Rentals – 99 Years?

The problem arising from these contracts is that you are tied to them for periods that you will never live to see expire and since these rights are often granted as personal deeds of ownership, the rights and obligations pertaining to the contract also die with the death of one of the parties.