Costa Rica is known to have 2 seasons: the dry season and the wet or green season. The dry season typically runs from December through end of April and the wet season runs from May to the mid December.

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The wet season particularly picks up steam in September, October and November which are known to be some of the wettest months of the year in Costa Rica.

On the Caribbean — as always — things are somewhat different! We don’t have clear cut wet and dry seasons — and when it is typically driest in the Central Valley and the Pacific in December and January, we (statistically) have our rainiest months.

Costa Rica’s Secret Season on the Caribbean.

May, June, July and August tend to also be wetter, but our rainfall is spread throughout the year with less of a clearly defined wet and dry season — as even during our driest weather, an occasional shower or even a full day of rain is not uncommon. That is why it is always so lush and green here!

That being said — it is sunny most of the time — even during the “rainy” periods.

But what most people do not know — even many Costa Ricans, is that there is also “secret season” in Costa Rica! A season also defined by locals as the “perfect season”, or lobster season, or snorkeling season, or just time to enjoy life – season.

While the rains begin to really start pouring everywhere else in September, the Caribbean Coast enters it’s magical and secret season in September and October: it is one of the few times of the year when we are near certain how the conditions are going to be — and they are almost always about as close to what Paradise might be!

The ocean calms down to where there is barely a ripple on the water, the water is crystal clear and colored with many shades of blues, greens and aqua’s.

Imagine that idyllic postcard of the Caribbean pinned on your work desk! That is what you are most likely to find during this time of the year. Most days are sunny, and at night an occasional shower to cool things down just right.

These are times when the surf boards go back to the closet and the snorkeling masks are polished up. It’s dive time! Between Cahuita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo, there are many live coral reefs accessible right from the sandy beaches that can occupy even a local countless hours and days of amazement enjoying the beauty of the reefs.

It’s our secret season and we love it! Because traditional tourism is low at this time of the year, the town is quiet. Business owners and locals have more time to enjoy what we originally came here for: those pristine beaches of black, white and coraline sands, lush jungles, tall palms and fresh water streams lapping the waveless waters.

Howler monkeys calling out as if they wanted to jump in the water with you (don’t worry they won’t!) Pelicans flying in formation over head from point to point — looking for schools of sardines.

And at the end of the day, restaurants offering the day’s catch: lobster, lobster everywhere — prepared in a spicy Caribbean salsa! It is a time when when the Caribbean pace slows down even more (if that was actually possible) and those that are here could not imagine a better place to be on earth.

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We live in a postcard — and it’s one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.

Love Lobster, Snorkeling & Perfect Caribbean Weather? Costa Rica’s secret season on the Caribbean.

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