The Rising Cost of Saying Goodbye to the US

Whatever you call it, getting on this list makes you an enemy of the state — in an instant, you are blacklisted.

Retirement in Costa Rica. Latin dancing for dummies.

No sooner had I decided to learn how to dance Latin style than I saw a notice for Clases de Baile Popular, popular dance classes. These classes are offered at a gym right here in downtown Santa Ana five nights a week and Saturday mornings. I was told that for about $28 a month, I could take three lessons a week.

Why Forbes Magazine Called Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio One Of “The World’s 12 Most Beautiful National Parks.”

Manuel Antonio is a tiny strip of tropical terrain that extends out into the Pacific just outside of the town of Quepos, on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. It is located in the province of Puntarenas and in the canton of Aguirre.

Do You Know Why The German Government Began Advising Its Citizens A Week Ago To Stockpile Food and Water for Use in a National Emergency?

Then the Czech Republic began warning it’s citizens to “prepare for the worst” and now Finland is warning its citizens to “stockpile large quantities of food and water, something bad is coming!”

Pet Snake Bites in Costa Rica – Emergency protocol for snake bites for your pet.

For those of us living in the “outback” we often have to perform emergency medical procedures to save the life of our special animal friends when time is of essence and medical personnel are too far away.

Can I Open a Bank Account in Costa Rica?

Of course you can open a bank account in Costa Rica, but the question should be; do you NEED to open a bank account in Costa Rica. That depends on what you are doing in Costa Rica.

They Are After Your Cash (And If This Happens They Will Get It)

If the IRS has its way, cash will be a thing of the past. In its place, every transaction will be digital, every purchase will leave a footprint. And it will tell your story — where you go and what you buy while you are there.

Ceviche in Costa Rica, How Is It Prepared?

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot afternoon at the beach than an ice cold beer and a ceviche. Costa Ricans a long standing tradition of finding a beachside bar, sticking their feet in the sand and enjoying this delicious, healthy boca (appetizer).

Costa Rica Travel Tip – Do NOT Skip San Jose! With free slideshow video..

Take it from someone who has explored most of the country’s beaches and towns, these two lovely stretches of sand and sun are at the top of my list. My wife and I visited many other beach towns in search of something beautiful, peaceful, and unspoiled…

How You Pay for Their Lies with Your Rights

In the vast majority of cases, you won’t be arrested or detained. Agents will simply give you a receipt for your seized cash, and send you on your way.

Uber in Costa Rica. A message for anybody who’s livelihood is threatened by a smartphone ‘App.’ Free video.

Taxi drivers, bus drivers and Ministry of Transportation are all ganging up against Uber. This is a private message from Scott Oliver for VIP Members who’s livelihood is threatened by a smartphone ‘App.’

The Key To A Loving and Lasting Relationship in Costa Rica Or Wherever You May Live.

Few would plant a garden and neglect to water, weed, or feed it and expect it to survive, let alone thrive. Yet many think the singular work in creating a caring and satisfying relationship lies solely in selecting the right partner.

Jungle Mama Naturals – A Business Is Born In The Jungle of Costa Rica.

Due to a growing amount of repeat customers The Mama’s are expanding. There’s sustainable demand for handcrafted, chemical-free, organic and non-toxic skin care products.

The Puddle Fish Craft Brewery in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Just off the beach and within earshot of the crashing waves, I learned that Side Street Bistro not only offers Mac & Cheese on their Kid’s Menu, but also will soon finish renovations to make room for Jaco’s very first craft brewery and taphouse.

Let’s Go Fishing on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. With free video with Captain Ron Saunders.

The Lake Arenal region is world famous for its biodiversity, and while most people are scouring the treetops for mammals and birds, we encourage you to head out on the lake to see what you can find.