San José, Costa Rica listed in world’s most and least expensive cities

You will find Costa Rica listed at 135 sandwiched between Harare in Zimbabwe and Karachi in Pakistan. Panama City is listed at 114

Costa Rica Taxes – Tax Saving Tips for US Expats

Many people fall into tax traps or ignore potential deductions simply because they did not know any better. The goal of this article is to inform you, organize you, and best of all, save you money!

Costa Rica Retirement – Just Do It!

For years I bored my friends waxing poetic about how I was going to move to Costa Rica when I retired. The time just never felt quite right until …

Travel Plans for People with Limited Physical Mobility

It was in 1991 that I had my first contact with an organization dedicated to tourism for people with disabilities. I participated as a volunteer at a weekend event organized by Kéroul, a Canadian organization whose mission is to develop tourism for people with restricted physical mobility…

The Adventures of an 80-Year-Old Tarzan

Costa Rica Can Be Great For Seniors Too… If You Plan It Right! It
is easy strolling the path through the butterfly garden at Monteverde. No one is rushed. All are quiet and observant, except for the ooh-ing and ah-ing at the winged beauties that flit about.

Costa Rica Apartment Rental in Grecia – Only US$250 and it’s furnished!

I found the ideal Costa Rica apartment only two weeks after having arrived. I thought it would be a difficult chore. It turned out to be one of the easiest parts of my transition to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Acupuncture – Made a Big Difference

I have been thoroughly impressed with the medical care we have used – the doctors visits were the equivalent of about $20 for a general practitioner and $40 for a neurologist who pinpointed my diagnosis more specifically than my doctor in the states.

Costa Rica Women’s Club

Over 60 years ago the Women’s Club of Costa Rica was formed to keep women in touch with other English speaking women. Today, the Women’s Club has over 250 members represented by women from 30 different countries, including Costa Rica. The club’s main motto is “Friendship and Service.”

Costa Rica Chess – ‘Grand Master’ at Grand Old Age of 15

He learned his very first chess moves from his father and although Alejandro has never had a ‘formal’ chess teacher, with his own independent studies of the theory and tactics behind chess, Alejandro Ramirez, a Costa Rican is now one of the world’s best chess players

Visitors Share My Adventure – Retirement in Costa Rica

When you live in a place such as Costa Rica, chances are quite good that you will have friends come to visit. In the last month I have had four house guests. Each has brought pleasure to my life in retirement.

Remarkable People Making A Difference!

El Puente – The Bridge is a project of a USA non-profit organization Serendipity International Foundation a registered 501C3 and offers educational assistance, food, and microloans mainly to indigenous people in Costa Rica. Their goal is to help families and individuals become self-sufficient.

Costa Rica Living ‘Off The Grid’ in the Osa Peninsula

It happens a lot. It may happen to you. It happened to me. The magic of Pure Vida entices you and once you set foot in the Osa, you may never want to leave. It has been called Paradise by nearly everyone who has experienced it’s pristine beaches and magical waterfalls, and wonder-filled primary rainforests.

Corporation Documents

The Costa Rica legal system may not appear to be, but the legal system is relatively simple. Anyone that wishes to live in this very big, little country called Costa Rica should know the fundamental requirements with regards to Costa Rica corporation laws and taxes.

Costa Rica Flooding

Five people drowned and five others are missing; a majority of the people were left with only the clothes they were wearing at the time; hundreds of houses were destroyed, and the same was true for roads, bridges, plantations…

World Class Entertainment At Tico Prices!

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) composed his wonderful concierto for violin and orchestra (Op 77) in 1878 and on Friday evening we thoroughly enjoyed a magnificent performance of it by Russian born violinist Misha Keylin in the Teatro Nacional (built in 1897) in San Jose, Costa Rica.