Costa Rica Cars – New or Used?

One option is to use the excellent public transportation system. If you will be living in San Jose and don’t have experience driving in this country, this would be a good choice, particularly until you get your bearings.

I See My Light Come Shining – Retiring in Costa Rica

The president and the board of directors took me out for a going-away dinner at a very good Chinese restaurant. The next day, my replacement began “learning the ropes” of the job I was leaving.

A Remarkable Costa Rican Doctor in Dominical

My wife Helene and I were in Dominical at the end of March this year. She loves to fish and we saw a sign on the side of the road for “inshore fishing”. We pulled into the house of a young Tico family. The husband immediately got the fishing tackle and away we went.

Aging Tarzans & Janes Discover Why Americans Loves Costa Rica

It was that day in Tortuguero, Costa Rica when, from our small flat-bottomed boat we saw spider and white-throated capuchin monkeys, three species of toucans, iridescent iguanas, walk-on-water Jesus Christ lizards, Day-Glo butterflies with wingspans wide as your head, several large caiman, frogs and birds of every hue, that out
of the mist suddenly I heard Jake.

Costa Rica Corruption in Perspective

This little bit of corruption is also prevalent in Costa Rica. I have no problem with this because the Police here are very friendly and courteous and are very poorly paid. I have been truly speeding each time they have stopped me.

Scanners & Dogs – Retiring To Costa Rica

I was retiring to Costa Rica. All my “stuff” would not be coming along with me. This was a chance to simplify my life, to get rid of all the superfluous things that I had thought at one time I wanted and needed.

Costa Rica Retirement – Friends & Neighbors in Grecia

It is still sometimes difficult to believe. I have left California and the United States – and moved to a small town in Costa Rica to enjoy my retirement. A small town

Great News For Costa Rica Sharks

On July 28, 2005 the Constitutional Authority of Costa Rica ruled that shark fins must be landed with their fins attached in natural form, overturning the policy of the National Fishery Institute (INCOPESCA) which had allowed shark fins to be landed tied on to shark bodies.

Costa Rica Map – Full Country

Costa Rica Map – Full country

It’s Official! I’m Retired in Costa Rica

I woke up (after sleeping late) and thought, hmmmm, I do feel different. I don’t know exactly how, but there is definitely something different going on. I couldn’t stop glancing at the clock, though, to see if it was time to start getting ready for work. It wasn’t.

Costa Rican Women Are Docile – Yeah Right!

At a small reception for my new real estate book, a charming 40 something British lady was moaning to me about how she didn’t stand a chance of finding a man with all these “gorgeous, flat-bellied Ticas” (a Costa Rican woman) running around.

Costa Rica Map – North Pacific

Costa Rica Map – North Pacific

Costa Rica Immigration Overview – Update!

Here’s a general overview regarding immigration policy in Costa Rica, prepared by Federico Solis, the partner in charge of the immigration practice at Facio & Cañas – The ‘International Financial Law Review 2004’ ranked this firm as “Both the biggest firm in Costa Rica and the most recommended.” a) Costa Rica’s General Immigration Statute, Law […]

Costa Rica Retirement – Num, num, numb!

Ah, eating! One of my favorite subjects! And meals in Costa Rica – another thing about which I can wax poetic! As you can imagine, fruits and vegetables here are excellent.

Costa Rica Emergency Medical – Fast & Inexpensive

In my never-ending search to give you first hand experience about living abnd retirement in Costa Rica, I fell off a small cliff last Monday night at a small hotel near Santa Ana.