Costa Rica Pest Control

Some components of insecticides can be harmful to your health. Even when you do not return to your home until the odor has gone, some components remain on furniture, curtains and doorknobs.

Why More Americans Are Leaving America To Live In Costa Rica

Many Americans have the perception that they are living in the best, most free and democratic place in the world. They believe that they are the best educated, most literate, have the most comprehensive healthcare system and live the longest.

Costa Rica Mortgages – Construction financing.

Obtaining a construction loan for a property in Costa Rica is similar to one in the U.S. and Canada, and it is almost the same as getting a loan for a regular purchase but with a few additional requirements.

Cost of Living – Public Service Rates in Dollars

“If it improves things” Says Ringeld Montoya, age 23 who works
at Seelogics Internet cafe. “It seems as if people are starting to
charge in dollars because profits are greater. If it improves the service or the
quality of client service, then there’s no problem.”

Preferred Costa Rica Tour Guide

Hernan is fluent in English and has been touring around Costa Rica for more than 20 years. He knows the country well both from the driver’s seat of his small tour bus which seats eight people comfortably and also

Tic! Toc! Costa Rica Retirement

There is a clock that sits atop my refrigerator. It is a kitschy thing, made of
plastic molded in busy shapes of tropical birds and tree branches. The numbers
are large and the hands bold, so I can read it easily from across the room.

Costa Rica Internet Access – ADSL

As from this week, thousands of Costa Ricans are able to connect to the rest of world via the internet from their homes or offices using broadband connections that were unimaginable a few years ago …

Costa Rica Banks – Competition Benefits Clients

A couple of decades ago there basically weren’t any private banks in Costa Rica. The government-owned banks were the only option for traditional banking services in the country, and these offered few services and what is generally regarded as poor customer service.

At What Cost a Life in Paradise? Costa Rica Real Estate Book Review

In the September-October 2005 edition of Costa Rica Outdoors magazine, a writer named Heather Wisner wrote a review of our new book How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa.

Costa Rica Map – South Pacific

Costa Rica Map – South Pacific

Costa Rica Buses – Getting Around Whilst Retired in Costa Rica

I took the public bus from Heredia to San Jose to pick up the mail that was being held for me in San Jose. The bus filled up quickly, and the aisles became crowded with people.

Snowbird Season – Costa Rica Part-Time Retirement

When it is winter up north, it is summer here in Costa Rica. That means the snowbirds arrive and settle into their cottages and cabins scattered in the hills above my little town in Costa Rica.

Royal Tico Treatment Whilst Living in Costa Rica

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in August, returning from a delicious US$14 lunch for four people in a quaint little town called San Pablo Leon Cortes, we stopped the car on the side of the road to admire some gorgeous tall blood-red, never-seen-them-before flowers that adorned the front garden of a humble Costa Rican house.

Costa Rica Map – Central Valley

Costa Rica Map – Central Valley

Retiring in Costa Rica – Siestas & Sundays

I hope I go to bed a little earlier tonight. “Soy dado al trasnochar” – “I am given to staying up late.” It’s an old habit, hard to break.