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How Costa Rica’s Sunlight Could Add Years To Your Life

Doesn’t it feel great to wake up to a beautiful, warm, sunny day? Most people say their days are always better when they start with sunshine, no matter what the weather is like later. There’s are good reasons why they feel better with more sunshine–as well as lifting one’s spirits, the sun’s rays are actually good for you and can add healthy years to your life!

Your 893rd Costa Rica Retirement Living Online Magazine for Wednesday, 24th June 2015.

How Two Canadians Fell in Love With Costa Rica. Saving our own little piece of the rainforest…

Michael Simons´Party 2013

December 8th, 2013 was the big annual Blowout to see old friends and meet new, celebrate the Holiday’s and just say thanks to everybody who made 2013 such a great year.

Your Neighbour’s Barking Dogs. Prevention is most definitely better than the cure!

We must remember that most Ticos have an extraordinary tolerance for noise. What we mean by that is that while dogs barking all night long may drive you completely round the bend (as is the case with the home we are chatting about), your neighbor will wake up in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed and …

Living in a True Blue Zone Community in Tierra Pacifica in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Free video.

Living in a True Blue Zone Community in Tierra Pacifica in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Free video.

Santa Claus Comes To Town!

Ed Dale, an owner in Pacifico and a long time Successful RE/MAX Agent in Canada had a dilemma. His Pacifico Beach Club minimum had not been used for the year and he was coming to stay at his Pacifico Condo.  He thought to himself that he would probably go to Dinner a few times and have drinks with friends and it would be used up just like last year.

Park Café – A Truly Excellent Restaurant in San José

There are plenty of good restaurants in San José, Costa Rica but few “excellent” ones… Everyone’s has a different opinion about what makes an excellent restauarnt Park Café is most definitely an excellent restaurant. [ ] The photograph below is of the double lamb chops at Park Café…. Que hijo de p…a rico! Written […]

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EX PATS in Paradise

Here is a compilation of blog posts and content about EXPATS in COSTA RICA with links to each story:

Happiness in Costa Rica Part 2. Why are the Costa Ricans so darned happy?

My first blog for Psychology Today was about bliss in Costa Rica. This is now 7 months later,the bliss is tinctured with reality, and I’m hard at work. Costa Ricans report the most life satisfaction of any of the peoples of Latin and Central America. My job, for the next 2 or 3 years, is to analyze why this is so.

26 Reasons Why Savvy Preppers Are Buying Land In This Scenic Lake Area of Costa Rica!

For the vast majority of people who already live in the United States of America and a big percentage of people who dream of moving to the U.S., the overall perception and the reality of life in the U.S. are two very different things.

Your 894th Costa Rica Retirement Living Online Magazine for Friday, 24th June 2015.

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