Previously we have written about the Wyndham Resort here in Jaco Beach and we spent some time trying to educate our readers about the Condo-hotel concept.

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What has me so thrilled about the Wyndham is the investment side of it. Besides owning a Five Star Beachfront, owners will own a property that truly generates income.

Because the Wyndham Resort is strategically located in the most visited beach in Costa Rica – Jaco Beach – which has a shortage of brand name luxury hotels, it will command top dollar for the nightly stays and will see high year round occupancy rates. While some might be pessimistic about rental projections, the truth is that comparable hotels throughout Costa Rica see 80-90% occupancy.

The developers for the Wyndham Beachfront Resort (photo above) were recently awarded Best International Project of the Year presented by the prestigious Developers & Builders Alliance founded by Donald Trump.

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Many who have visited Costa Rica have probably stayed at the Marriott in Los Suenos (which has nearly a 90% annual occupancy), will no doubt agree that a Five Star Wyndham Beachfront Resort will command the same dollar and see at minimum half the occupancy.

Well with those low projections you will be able to enjoy your condo for nine weeks per year, pay nothing out of pocket and in fact have positive cash flow! When you start seeing occupancy in at 65-75% you start to see outstanding returns on your investment.

In addition to the rental revenue that is generated, you can enjoy the appreciation that condo hotels typically experience, as well. Many condo hotels, especially the branded condo hotels, have seen double digit growth, and have out performed traditional condos or single family homes in the same resort market.

A common question is whether condo hotels can be resold like normal real estate and the answer is yes! Condo hotels are fee simple deeded real estate. You buy and sell them just like you would any other form of real estate.

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