If you had to do it all again would you? Would you move to Costa Rica? Alexandra Lancaster gives us her answers…

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After being down here in Costa Rica for 15 years, and becoming a single woman a couple of years ago… I decided to go back to the USA. Visited there for two months in a charming small town, Eastern seaboard.

But honey! I couldn’t get back to Costa Rica fast enough. This life in Costa Rica is my ‘Technicolor Life’. Life there in the US seemed to be in black and white.

The warmth of the people here is simply to be experienced. It is a subtle thing, you have to experience it, no one can describe it.

It is OK here to touch a child you don’t know… And to hug an old person on the street. There is no road rage here… Almost non existent… People blink their lights to say “Cut in front of me.”

Cost of food is cheaper here… I compared apple for apple, beefsteak for sirloin. Back in the States, if I bought the carb and the meat… My budget would not allow for the salad. How do Americans afford their own country?

Family values: The relatively low drug use rate here is, I am sure, related to the fact that most people here get their Vitamin ‘L’ – The love factor. I have long felt that the rampant use of drugs in the USA is correlated to alienation.

Climate: Only in maybe, Hawaii or parts of Northern California can you duplicate this incredible climate. A house in N. California: US$800,000 for a 25 yearr old shack built house in Silicon Valley. I checked this last week on multiple listings. Here, same shack: $80,000. But this one has orange and banana trees.

Slower pace of living: Maybe we will all live longer because we are forced to stand in line and talk to our fellow line-stander. Maybe we won’t. This is a human society and rarely robotic. Sometimes I yearn for more efficiency. But then, would I get to meet my neighbor?

Come on down here, the place has to be felt to be believed.

Alexandra Lancaster is a US citizen and a permanent and content resident of Costa Rica.

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There is one comment:

  • Judy surber at 2:44 am

    Hi Alexandra
    Planning another trip to CR.
    Would love to see you again.
    Your intro to CR made us fall in love for all the reasons you list.

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