Since we get so many questions from our customers, today we begin a new series of Questions and Answer articles about real estate to help you make the best possible investment, to understand the local market and learn more about buying and selling your home or apartment in Costa Rica.

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Our first question comes from Andrea F. who lives with her husband and young son in Chicago and she asks:

“What is the best way to compare the prices of the homes in condominiums in Santa Ana that we are thinking of buying?”

This is a very important question and here’s what I would suggest:

First let’s assume that the location is equally as good for you and your family, that all three homes have exactly what you’re looking for with number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garden etc, if you have a young son then we’re also assuming that all these homes are close to a good school for your son.

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If you have found two or three homes that you really love and can’t decide which one is best for you then the bottom line must be how they compare as an investment.

Because if the real estate market in general is rising at X% per year in this area, to make the best investment you therefore must buy at the best possible price, right?

To make money investing in real estate anywhere in the world starts by buying your home at the right price.

So in this example our customer was comparing a new home in SolPark in Pozos de Santa Ana built by a quality developer we know and trust.

  1. SolPark with beautiful new, well built homes for US$197,500 with 160m2 so 197,500/160 = $1,234.37 per square meter (m2).
  2. Project B: US$197,000 with 149m2 so 197,000/149 = $1,322m2.
  3. Project C: US$149,000 with 110m2 so 149,000/110 = $1,354m2
  4. It is not in the same area but our customers also seriously considered a home in a big development in San Rafael de Alajuela but the two bedroom homes there were $130,000 with 101m2 which is $1,287m2 but the project regularly has water problems and at certain times of day the traffic is unbelievably slow.

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So as we can see here, our customers decided on SolPark because at $1,234.37m2 it was a more affordable price per square meter, the developer has a proven track record of building quality homes, they are also convinced that the quality of construction is superior and unlike many developers, they were able to customize their home.

If you are in the market for a new home and would like more information about this developer’s new project of hard-to-find, new single storey and two storey homes in SOlPark III then please contact us today!

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Why SolPark Is You Best Choice In New Condos in Santa Ana, Costa Rica with free video. US$197,500 but only three left.

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