Most people know that Costa Rica is beautiful, but the list of reasons that this destination has become the “perfect oasis” for both expats and investors is quite extensive.

Compared to other countries, Costa Rica has attracted people from around the world for quite some time, with its popularity only growing.

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Top Reasons for Moving to Costa Rica

The native people are a main attraction. Referred to as Costa Ricans or Ticos, locals are among the most hospitable and friendliest people you will meet. Immediately upon arrival in Costa Rica, you are welcomed with open arms.

The climate is another reason that so many people buy homes in Costa Rica. Rather than temperatures varying by season, they are unique to altitude. Therefore, regardless of the climate you prefer, you can find it here. Of course, there are additional reasons for moving to this country.

  • Diversity – Of all the biodiversity in the world, Costa Rica has some of the richest. This country also boasts diverse geography, evident in its lush green mountains, beautiful sandy beaches, and jungles filled with gorgeous flora and fauna.
  • Beaches – Nicknamed “The Rich Coast” by Christopher Columbus, this country has some of the most pristine beaches in the world.
  • Activities – Some people enjoy Costa Rica’s challenging activities, like surfing, white water rafting, scuba diving, and more, while others prefer its more tranquil experiences, such as hiking and bird watching.
  • Cuisine – The food in Costa Rica is excellent. Along with authentic cuisine, some areas serve international dishes. The local fare includes gallo pinto, a popular breakfast meal made with rice, black beans, sour cream, eggs, and fried plantain.
  • Accessibility – As Costa Rica is small, you are always within approximately four hours from any beach. Driving on its improved roadways, you can easily go from coast to coast in a single day.
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  • Rich Culture – In addition to six indigenous tribes, each with fascinating cultures, you will discover diversity that ranges from real cowboys to islanders from the Caribbean side.
  • Laws and Safety – Especially for expats, the laws in Costa Rica are very friendly. As a foreigner, you are welcomed to invest in property while enjoying the same fee simple title laws as the locals. Costa Rica is also a safe place to live. Unique from neighboring South and Central American countries, you can mill about without feeling threatened.
  • Communications Infrastructure – With modern communications and internet, you can conduct business without disruption.
  • Sustainability – Many people have adopted a sustainable lifestyle. If this is something that you find interesting, Costa Rica is the ideal place since you can easily live off the land.
  • Language – A language barrier is a common problem in foreign countries. Obviously, if you are moving to Costa Rica, you should learn the language. However, the locals are extremely patient and even helpful when dealing with non-Spanish-speaking people.
  • Outstanding Neighbors – Costa Rica has great neighbors with Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South.
  • Healthcare System – You may be surprised to learn that the healthcare system here is above average. After establishing residency, you can participate in the public medical system. In exchange for some of the best healthcare in Latin America, you will pay roughly 65 percent less than healthcare costs in the U.S.
  • Pura Vida – In Costa Rica, the locals often use the “pura vida” slogan, which translates to “pure life.” Along with being a local greeting, this is a perfect description of the lifestyle.
  • Carefree Living – As long as the laws are followed, you will never be judged for the way that you live your life.

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Why Expats Consider Costa Rica the Perfect Oasis

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