Is it just wallet love? Or do Costa Rican women really like Gringos for more than their bank balances?

This is a question for the ages. I live in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I regularly see middle-aged Gringos strolling the streets with a much younger, normally quite beautiful Tica on his arm. Whether out of stupidity, ignorance or jealousy, the question inevitably forms in my head; does she really like this guy, or is she fleecing him?

It’s often hard to say either way, because what many North Americans would consider fleecing is really just part of the accepted tradeoff in a Latin male-female relationship. Perhaps I should explain.

A Latina’s desires are fairly predictable. In general she wants security in the form of a decent dwelling, money for food, schooling for her kids and a man who is in the house when he’s supposed to be (or at least most of the time). It is expected that the man pay for everything (and I mean everything) as well as some stuff her family (and extended family) might need from time to time.

The assumption is often that every Gringo has a bottomless pit of money and therefore should be happy to share it with his wife/lover’s family if they need it more than he. This can seem like a raw deal to some folks and if it gets out of hand, it is. However, the tradeoff can be very good, particularly if both parties feel happy with the result.

Many older man (let’s say 55) have reached a point in their careers where they have socked enough money away to live comfortably for the remainder of their days. While there may be few thirty-something females in North American who would conceive of dating an older man of means, Latinas have no problem admitting that financial security is a major factory when considering the attractiveness of a man.

They make no bones about setting clear lines on what they feel they need in life and seek a man whom they believe can provide it. Some may call this petty or greedy but older men seem to find it refreshingly honest. Let’s face it; have you ever met a woman who didn’t want $5 more than you had in your wallet?

The difference with a Costa Rican woman is that they offer a man something in RETURN for this financial security. Costa Rican women offer a man passion, kindness, nurturing and a raw femaleness that is hard to find in a 20 year old American woman, much less 40.

Moreover, since most Latinas do find older men more desirable culturally, a Gringo can roll back the clock and date woman ten years younger than were available to him in his native land.

Not a bad tradeoff for greediness that exists in all female cultures. If I were a young woman with two kids to feed, I might be ‘greedy’ too.

But enough of the financial stuff. Gringos are also seen as something special to Latinas for several other notable reasons:

Why Do Ticas (Costa Rican Women) Dig Gringos?

  1. Emotional Maturity

    Because the Gringo culture forces men to behave like adults (or used to anyway) much sooner than Latinos, the typical Gringo has his head on a little more securely than the majority of Ticos.

  2. Fidelity

    Whether it is our culture or the legal system that has scared most men straight, Gringos are faaaar more honorable in sexual relationships than Ticos.

  3. Manners

    Although a Tico can put on the Latino charm when necessary, Gringos have a quiet chivalry to them that I think goes under-appreciated. You won’t find as many Gringos cheating, lying, stealing or smacking their wives as you will Ticos.

  4. Novelty

    The U.S. is the great Satan to some, but in Costa Rica the country is more like the successful, admired big brother. Costa Ricans are fascinated with U.S. culture and many women have dreams of a Gringo taking them there.

Whether for the right reasons or not, Costa Rican women do find Gringos (particularly women over 35) particularly attractive ‘catches.’ I’m certainly not complaining.

Written by VIP Member Chris R.

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There are 4 comments:

  • will at 2:54 pm

    yes, it kind of threw me off when a younger Tica said she was really interested in me and gave me her number. Back in the US, people would scoff, call me names, not nice ones, and generally make me feel like a dishonorable man. But I had the experience with more than one American princess, and maybe its time to try something else

    • J. at 12:11 am

      Yes I agree! I have a Tica and she is 21 years younger than me! It is very common to have a girl between 10 or more years, and the family will approve if you can take care of their daughter and you are polite. It is so easy!

  • Steve at 7:39 pm

    Going to cr fishing next week. Would like to meet mature tica to hang out with.

  • Rich F at 6:07 pm

    Have a woman 20 years younger than myself and it’s not all about the money. They are honest , passionate women.

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