Whenever you see US citizens losing their minds over something as silly as a flag, I’ve learned to look at what’s being passed by Congress at the same time.

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Statist flag worshipers were in a frenzy about a piece of colored cloth called the Confederate flag because a man with that flag on his bumper had killed nine people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina last week.

Apple removed any Civil War apps from their app store.  Walmart and many other retailers removed the flag from their inventory.  And heavily confused Amerikans who don’t even know that the Civil War was actually a fascist takeover of the country by racist Abraham Lincoln, took to the streets demanding their overseers use violent force to remove the flag from any location that flies it.

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Forgetting for the moment that this has every trapping of being a false flag event down to the bizarre, easy going arrest of the alleged shooter…

What hardly anyone noticed was that yesterday the Senate voted to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

That’s typical. Create a mainstream media controversy in order to distract attention from serious, even traitorous, actions taking place in Congress.

For all you really need to know about the TPP watch this short video:

The TPP has been the most secretive document passed in US history.  It was so secret that if Senators wanted to read the phone book size “free” trade deal they had to enter into a highly secure and guarded room behind the doors below and be watched as they read it and promise to never mention what they read. Is this how a republic is supposed to conduct business?

The TPP is an international “free” trade agreement being negotiated by 12 countries: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Chile, Peru and Brunei.

But, here’s the thing:  A true free-trade agreement would be one sentence long and would read something like, “You can trade whatever you want between these countries”.

What the TPP is is a massive, fascist corporate takeover of those 12 countries in which corporate power supercedes national power.  Corporate officials who feel that they ‘ve lost some profit due to legislation imposed in a certain country will now have the right to sue the country for the lost profit.  Of course, when they sue the “country” they are actually suing the taxpayers of that country.

But shouldn’t taxpayers sue back? Aren’t modern corporations the twisted spawn of judicial decisions (questionable decisions enforced by the power of the state) including corporate personhood and intellectual property rights.

This is the reason corporations have grown so large and  powerful to begin with. Those running these titantic mutations are protected from their failures by corporate personhood. And those that have created something, no matter how trivial, can have it “protected” virtually forever by state power.

Thomas Jefferson and other founders were very worried about the ascension of corporate power in the US because of their experience with such “corporations” as the East India Company that was so large and powerful, it ended up running its own army.

“From 1700 onwards and for the next 160 years or so,” royalmunsterfusiliers.org tells us, “the Honourable East India Company raised its own armed forces. The three administrative areas of India, the Presidencies of Bombay, Madras and Bengal, each maintained their own army with its own commander-in-chief. ”

The initial US constitutional construct emphasized state control of corporations. And states duly bound corporate power with numerous legislative cords. It was only after the end of the Civil War that corporations began to assume the kinds of power that had so worried Jefferson.

Today, corporate power is once again a powerful legislative construction and has little to do with real capitalism – which would likely consist of entities far smaller and more flexible. But having built up this fiction of corporate-capitalism, the powers-that-be are now going to expand its footprint.

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The TPP is one of the most heinous documents ever passed in the US perhaps only second to the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA).

Were you aware that the NDAA was recently passed in Congress again?  Probably not.  The Charleston shooting occurred on the evening of June 17th, while the nation’s media covered it like it was 9/11.  The NDAA was passed on June 18th.

It looks like they got through two massively anti-freedom bills for one false flag this time.  They’re getting really good at this!

I suppose practice makes perfect.

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