Hola Amigos. My name is Mary Hickcox and I moved to Costa Rica with my husband Jeff and our two boys in 2006. Jeff and I made a joint decision to leave our comfortable lives in the United States for many reasons.

We felt that we didn’t want to spend our next 30-40 years grinding out a living and only experiencing one culture and one way to live. We were tired of paying our ridiculously high living expenses in Connecticut and we desired a simpler life where we can spend more time together as a family.

Furthermore, we thought it would be great to teach the kids a new language while exposing them to a different culture.

We chose Costa Rica over other countries because what it had to offer was just a better fit for what was important to us. The perfect climate, history and philosophy of peace, political and economic stability, lower cost of living, wonderful people, quality health care, modern services, stunning beauty and easy access to the U.S….Costa Rica had it all!

Although we read that these qualities were indeed true, experiencing them was a wonderful surprise. I’m an RN (registered nurse) in the U.S. with a strong opinion about what constitutes good health services, and I can say in all sincerity the system is terrific here. In fact, I would say that it crushes the broken United States system.

What Do Our Our Wives Feel About Living In Costa Rica?

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We had our third son at CIMA hospital and the care and technology was superior to my hospital in Connecticut, USA. I had a C-Section birth, 3 nights in the hospital, all the medicine and care for me and my infant for less than $4,000 private pay. We have since used the public hospitals several times for visits for the children. Each time they laughed when I tried to offer them payment.

The most surprising thing beyond the low cost is the time and care the doctors give the patients here. It is not unusual for the doctor to spend over an hour with each patient and then give them their personal phone number to follow up if necessary. It is really refreshing that people come before profits in the Costa Rica health system whether it is the private or public practices.

Before moving here, I was nervous about adjusting to the new culture and getting some American products. Again I was surprised that I could find nearly every product I was accustomed to, although some were more expensive here.

Since our goal was to live a simpler life, I have learned to do without many pampering items and have become a much better cook with whole foods.

Culturally, it took about one year for me to get used to the slower pace, learn enough Spanish to have confidence to go everywhere, and to find a good group of friends. Surely this process can happen faster with people who don’t have three young children to care for.

The other challenge for me is missing friends and family in the States. It would not be possible for us to live this far away from them without modern technology. The internet and Skype have allowed us to stay in touch with everyone. And they are just a 5 hour flight away for us to visit.

All in all, I’ve learned to become a much more patient person and find myself enjoying the “pura vida” lifestyle everyday. Costa Rica truly feels like home now and I can say with confidence that we like it much better than the lifestyle in the United States.”

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