I just returned from DelRay Florida. While visiting a Fresh Market with my good amigo, Ben, I stumbled onto the refrigerated section with ‘healthy’ options.

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US$5.99 for a 12 ounce plastic bottle of ‘Raw, Fresh, Organic Coconut Water’?

Really? Six Bucks! People in Florida have coconut trees so why six bucks for a bottle?

Ben and I, while driving thru town noticed ripe coconuts and proceed to ‘steal’ coconuts from the residential area trees – we grabbed a dozen!
Price? Free!

I get it, supply/demand blah! Blah! Blah! But Six Bucks still lingers heavily in my mind.

I called my wife, back home in Uvita Costa Rica to share it with her. She about fell to the floor calculating the cost as we drink about four a day. For free!

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When I flew back to Uvita I hugged my eight trees and thanked them for continuously producing Pipa’s for us. It’s like clockwork. I pull them down and four months later there are more. We rotate the trees. Any dummy can do it.

Everywhere we go people are drinking Coconut Water (we say Pipas in Costa Rica). I read somewhere Coca-Cola built a $2B factory in China to produce their coconut water for global consumption.

I do not think it’s a fad. People living in the tropics have been drinking it and now that the time has come for the world to enjoy the nutritional powers of Pipas. Filled with good fats, electrolytes, and minerals all with semi-sweet yumminess.

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Last year I successfully did a seven-day Pipa diet. It was not to lose weight, but to challenge those that say you can live up to 40+ days on just pipas. And I bet one could. I drank and scraped the coconut meat from the coconut for seven days and never felt better. It worked!

We now put Coconut oil in our coffee in replacement of creamers, half-n-half or sweeteners ? those are full of chemicals and bad fats.

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My wife uses coconut oil for her hair before hitting the ocean, adds it to her sunscreen, makes toothpaste with it and also give a tablespoon to the dogs with their meals.

Coconut oil is also one of the only oils we use for sautéing food. It takes a bit to get used to the flavor, but you will get over it quickly when you understand the health benefits.

All of our friends in Costa Rica are nuts about Pipas. My friend just bought me a T-Shirt saying Pipa Man.? I wear it proudly.

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We Are Coconut Crazy!

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