When you live in a place such as Costa Rica, chances are quite good that you will have friends come to visit. In the last month I have had four house guests. Each has brought pleasure to my life in retirement.

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For two weeks my sister from Texas was here. Lois lives in a fairly rural area of East Texas, so rural that Costa Rica was not such a strange environment for her. It was her first adventure out of the United States, and I wanted to make sure she had a good time, so I dragged her all around the country, tromping down trails through rain forests, riding in chair-lifts through the canopy, floating down canals through the jungle.

At age 67 she experienced something new. It is never too late for something new. She had to return home to recuperate from her vacation.

Daniel and Anna are a French-Canadian couple in their 20s. They were delightful house guests – and restored my hope in the next generation (or are they members of the generation AFTER the next generation?). They went with me to a party with my neighbors: Ticos, Italians, Germans, Nicaraguans, Canadians and United Statesians. Our block is a regular United Nations!

Robert, my third guest, arrived on the day that Daniel and Anna left. He is a teacher in California and was visiting Costa Rica as part of his research into possible places to retire. We had become acquainted via a column similar to this one.

More visitors will be coming to visit throughout the year. It’s nice having someone utilize my second bedroom, and to share this country that I love. I will welcome them because I love playing tour guide. My next group of visitors has already reserved.

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