My friends at the CONCASA construction company continue to build some of the most affordable new Costa Rica condo apartments you can find in Costa Rica.

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CONCASA has built more than 10,000 apartments in Venezuela so they definitely are experienced developers with a proven track record of building quality real estate at a remarkably affordable price.

These superbly convenient and extremely affordable new condos are less than two minutes away from the new highway that goes from San Jose to the beaches on the Pacific coast.

When we first began writing about CONCASA late in 2005, we featured the first phase of their condo project near San Jose called Campo Real which is located in San Rafael de Alajuela in the Central Valley area which has now been completed.

The most affordable apartments at that time were selling for about US$55,000 and now a new apartment is over $100K

Costa Rica Condos at Remarkably Affordable Prices:

To watch this three minute Costa Rica condo video of the model apartment at Campo Real, please click on the small black triangular Play button below.

Professional Interior Design:

The new ‘model apartment’ at Campo Real show in the video has been very tastefully decorated to show you what’s possible with a little bit of imagination. We were pleased to see this newly decorated condo because the first model apartment we saw at Campo Real definitely lacked something.

The actual apartment in the video that you can see is on the fifth floor and in those days – just four years ago – this lovely apartment would have cost you less than US$60K with all the furniture that you see on the video.

The only difference between the Campo Real and Bosque Real condos is that because of new fire regulations in Costa Rica, the position of the elevators has been changed so the new condos at Bosque Real are fractionally larger.

The second phase of the San Rafael de Alajuela project, called – Bosque Real has now been completed. This Bosque Real phase comprises of eight buildings with four apartments on each of the seven floors.

There are quite a few ‘gringos‘ who are very happy that they have bought these very affordable CONCASA condos and we have a free video interview for you to enjoy:

If you want to see a video interview with Dick Keim, an ‘American Retired in Costa Rica – Living at CONCASA’, originally from California – please click here.

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