I’m sure all of you have been following the health care debate here in the USA; especially those U.S. expats… Tax the Rich and give to the Poor… kind of like Robin Hood, Right?

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I personally feel that if the Obama administration can bail out the car, financial and other industries… they should allow for a provision for expatriates that have paid all their lives into the Medicare system receive some type of reimbursement for medical bills absorbed offshore.

U.S. expats continue to pay income taxes and estate taxes at death, (double taxation in my opinion)… so why can’t we get any traction to have this issue reviewed?

Easy? Money, now that most are in agreement that some type of Medical Reform needs to take place, and most likely will… it costs money we don’t have! Most agree that the government SHOULD NOT have their foot on the throttle and hands on the button of this reform.

Remember, NOTHING has ever been successful when it is government run… my God we all have to run on budgets that allow us to make a profit at the end of the year so we can pay our bills and live… if our expenses exceed our revenue… we don’t get a bail out, we get a boot up the ass and kicked out of our homes and businesses! So where is this whole issue going?

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I feel very strongly that the elderly and the really ill are going to be the recipient of a system that is going to be RATIONED based upon age and the likelihood of life expectancy.

Example: You have a 45 year-old and a 75 year-old that needs a hip replacement surgery and it cost $ 100,000 USD, the new system, if congress allows this, will have a formula of cost efficiency. The 75 year-old has a life expectancy of 85 years-old while the 45 year-old has a life expectancy of 79 years-old, (The formula is life expectancy left divided by the cost)


The 45 year old has 34 more years divided by $ 100,000 USD = $2,941 USD annual avg. cost to budget

The 75 year old has 10 more years divided by $ 100,000 USD = $10,000 USD annual avg. cost to budget

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The person with the lowest cost ratio will receive the procedure and the other person will be denied and forced to be mobile with a wheelchair, walker or if they can afford a battery operated cart! These are the FACTS!

What’s even more disturbing is the issue of the terminally ill people looking to extend their lives, with a hope of a cure around the corner…

I’m not talking about people who are vegetables, I’m talking about people like my beautiful wife who as most of you knows is terminally ill with stage 4 breast cancer. Tira is a 48 year-old women who has been battling and continues to battle breast cancer since 1998…

She has undergone more than 10 chemotherapy regiments, 7 surgeries and other cutting edge technology to allow her to see her children get into and graduate high school and our oldest college… if this Medical Coup of a plan had passed 10 years ago my wife would not be here now… she would have been rationed care, she would have only been able to participate in 2 maybe 3 rounds of chemotherapy, not the 10 she has been through… the other seven would have NEVER been approved by a government run system that rations care.

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Ask your expat friends from the U.K. and Canada what restrictions and waiting periods they endure? I’m sorry if I take this issue a little more personal than most, but I have alot to lose and I’m not willing to risk the chance.

For this reason… I think the future of offshore medical insurance is strong and will offer much better coverage than a skewed government run medical program!

It’s ironic, that technology and medicine have been cutting edge and forging forward to expand life expectancy… if this plan is implemented in the vision of this administration and most in congress, this will be more like a “Living Death” sentence for those who want to extend their lives in the most comforting fashion.

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