David Karr is a professional Realtor living and working in the popular beach town of Jaco on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica since 2005. He is married to a Costa Rican lady, has permanent residency and is legally allowed to work as a professional real estate agent.

As a professional real estate agent David covers Jaco and the surrounding areas which include Punta Leona, Hermosa and Esterillos. He is very knowledgeable about the entire Central Pacific region but specializes in Jaco Beach and properties in the Los Suenos Resort & Marina.

David tells me that: “My degree is in elementary education. In the U.S. I worked in teaching and in non-profit organizations. I love teaching and helping people, but have also always been an avid real estate investor. I bought my first home when I was 23 years old and have invested in real estate every since.

Being a professional real estate agent in Costa Rica really allows me to do all of those things. Teaching and helping people understand the market, showing the ins and outs of what it’s like living in Costa Rica, explaining the differences with the culture, all of that is huge part of what I do everyday.”

David is always willing to help with “putting my clients in contact with useful resources. Property managers, attorneys, babysitters, all those type of services I can help by referring trustworthy and reliable people.”

He adds that: “Our focus is finding the best fit for our clients. By taking the time to listen and get to know our clients we are able to help recommend the best area for them first then focus on finding them the right property.

All of our staff works here full-time and works as a team, I think that is very important to point out because when a client deals with one of us they have the luxury of getting the resources and help of an entire team of professionals.”

Q: What was the last real estate book you read?

A: ‘The Power of Habit’

Q: How many properties did you sell in the last 12 months?

A: 8

Q: What is your favorite quotation?

A: “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Current Jaco Real Estate Market Conditions – November 2016:

“Jaco and the Central Pacific continues to be a stable and growing market. Much of Jaco’s growth is fueled by both the local and international vacation rental market. Homes and condos are often purchased as second homes and rental properties.

The Jaco area is consistently one of the most visited parts of Costa Rica, making it a very strong rental market. The additional growth of local tourism is only fueling that demand.

There is very limited inventory under $200,000 in the area and that has been one of the most sought out the past 18 months, unfortunately it is one of the most limited for supply.

We are beginning to see a few new projects in the works, (homes/condos under $200,000) catering to this market that will help provide more supply.

Because Jaco Beach is fully titled, the beachfront is also one of the most in demand, where we are still seeing some opportunities to purchase a beachfront 2 bedroom condo in the mid-low $200,000 range, but those are starting to disappear.

Beachfront is very limited, currently there are no new projects in the works, and many of the beachfront communities have less and less for sale, so anticipate prices to begin climbing very soon.

The area has also seen consistent demand and sales in the Los Sueños Resort, which is where you’ll find the regions most luxurious and high end inventory.

Meanwhile in the Hermosa and Esterillos area, you’ll still find slightly better values and more selection of single family homes.

Commercial development in Jaco is thriving. There is large new commercial plaza that is near completion, with many other new commercial buildings recently completed or remodeled. We are also seeing new restaurants, bars and shops come to the area.

Now is an excellent time to purchase in the Jaco area. I feel that the area is going to continue to grow and offers one of the best opportunities for rental income.” David Karr.

Costa Rica Realtor – David Karr’s customer testimonials:
“David, I wanted to thank you again for everything you did in regard to selling my condo in Jaco. I still can’t believe how helpful you were and how quickly you were able to sell it.

I have bought and sold many properties and I can honestly say that I have never dealt with a Realtor as professional, attentive, thorough and client focused as you were. It was delightful working with you!

I have recommended you to many others and you can rest assured that if I ever decide to purchase property in Costa Rica again, you will be my first call.” Best Always, Lori Volker-Stilwell


“David Karr has exceptional knowledge of Costa Rican culture as well as the real estate market of Jaco and it’s surrounding areas. His concern isn’t just selling you “a” property.

Instead, his desire is to find you the “perfect” property that will meet all your expectations and leave you satisfied with your Costa Rican experience. His honesty and integrity about the value and worth of properties is admirable.

By the end of our buying experience he became not just our Realtor, but a trusted friend whose care and concern for us didn’t stop when the deal was done.

Can’t wait to get back down to Costa Rica!” Kelly & Dave Hoffman


“Dear David, My wife and I wanted to send a big “Thank You” for your efforts in our recent purchase of the Jaco Beach Villa. To sum our experience up in a few words I would say, professionalism, knowledge, communication and patience.

You and your team exceeded all of our expectations in providing us with detailed information and skillful negotiations, while guiding us through the unknowns of a foreign purchase. The process from start to finish was seamless due to your experience, and I will say again, your communication skills and patience.

Beyond our professional relationship we found you to be quite pleasant, sincere, and compassionate, someone we would like to call a friend. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase property, vacation rentals, or their dream home in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Best wishes to you and your staff and your continued success.” Warm regards, Jeff & Janis Claunch.


In an email received on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 6:41 AM: “My wife and I cannot say enough good things about David Karr. His professionalism and going the extra mile to help in anyway certainly was way above and beyond the call of duty. His quick response since we corresponded from different countries and to when we finally arrived to search out properties.

He was there 100% everyday we were in Jaco helping with our search till we found our dream in Jaco and we FOUND it thru David Karr.” Our hats are off and kudos to Mr. Karr.” Donna and Rob Adair. The proud owners of a beachfront property in Jaco.


In an email received on Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 9:51 AM: “I just wanted to thank you for all of the information provided through WeLoveCostaRica.com We received a recommendation on Realtors David Karr and Lisle Head. They were knowledgeable, professional and helped to guide us in our purchase. We were very pleased and highly recommend these Realtors.” Eileen Jones, USA.


In an email received on Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 5:37 PM: “David Karr was great helping my wife and I find our condo, not only did he make the sale but also helped with the attorney and closing. David treated us more like family than just a customer. David is honest and does what he says he is going to do. He is the best.” Bill and Linda Johns. Jacksonville, FL. USA.


In an email received on Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 12:16 PM: “David Karr is an outstanding Realtor and I’m extremely secure in knowing he represents my interests in Costa Rica.

He’s honest, hard working and does a great job communicating in real time. He and goes the extra mile to market his exclusive listings via numerous print and electronic media outlets. He knows the market, laws and processes necessary to ensure a solid transaction. While some things can be a bit confusing in Costa Rica, David makes it simple.” Allison Ager.


In an email received on Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 1:19 PM: “My wife Charlene and I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with David Karr in several real estate transactions in Costa Rica. We were first pleased by how well he capture our “wish list” on what we perceived to be important pre-requisites. He then proceeded to also educate us on variances and options as well. Never was there a feeling that he was trying to steer us to higher price project but rather showed us and continues to show us ways on stretching the dollars!

His services have also gone past the “standard” transaction. He has referred us to fine companies and legal services as well, all of which have proved to be stellar. He is now more than the “only” Realtor I will ever use in Costa Rica he is now a valuable family friend and confidant, and he earned that by his professionalism, never-say-never attitude, and his great understanding of both residential and commercial real estate projects and all the many variables that sometimes appear… when you least expect them.

I whole heartedly recommend Mr. David Karr as a “Premier” Realtor for all your real estate needs. And a wonderful resource for all us ex-pats.” Diego and Charlene Casarreal


In an email received on Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 11:33 AM: “I was very pleased with David and his efforts to find us a condo property that was what we wanted, and to keep us informed of the progress of the development from inception through completion. I would recommend him as a competent, professional Realtor in a land where many “Realtors” are neither.” Jeff Barnett. USA.


In an email received on Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 6:00 PM: “We are VERY happy clients of David Karr’s having purchased two lots and a house in Costa Rico through him. David has ALWAYS steered us in the right direction and we are extremely happy with everything we have purchased. Not only did David understand exactly what we wanted, but he was diligent about following through on every single detail in a timely and most professional manner.

We are delighted to recommend David’s services to anyone looking for property in the Jaco area. David listens carefully to his clients wants and needs, and then shows them appropriate properties without wasting their time. David is extremely knowledgeable about the Jaco market and this, combined with his realism and his honesty, make him an ideal real estate agent for anyone interested in buying property in Costa Rica.

David is also very smart and very funny making every session with him great fun which certainly lessons the stress that purchasing property in a foreign country can induce.” Carolynn Anderson and Dean Reedy in Seattle, WA. USA

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