How was the idea born to offer people with limited physical mobility access to the natural beauties of Costa Rica?

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It was in 1991 that I had my first contact with an organization dedicated to tourism for people with disabilities. I participated as a volunteer at a weekend event organized by Kéroul, a Canadian organization whose mission is to develop tourism for people with restricted physical mobility.

Nevertheless, it was really in March of 1992 that I had the opportunity to observe the difficulties that face physically challenged travelers. I traveled with a wheelchair user when I visited Costa Rica for the first time.

Besides exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of Costa Rica, I have also observed the many barriers that prevent the disabled person from totally enjoying what the country has to offer.

To think that foreign visitors could not take advantage of all that beauty was a shame, but when seeing that Costa Ricans could not enjoy the beauties of their own country, that truly affected me. It was in October 1992 that I decided to return to Costa Rica to study tourism and to found a group based on the model of the Kéroul organization.

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It develops tourism with the purpose of opening doors to people with limited physical mobility. That is how Fundación para el Acceso Univesal a la Naturaleza (Foundation for the Universal Access to Nature) was born (FAUNA Foundation), initially called Kosta Roda Foundation.

Unfortunately, because of a lack of funds, the foundation FAUNA had to suspend its activities at the end of 2001. Nevertheless, the Instituto Internacional of Desarrollo Creativo (IIDC) Society which has supported the FAUNA mission from its beginnings, continued the work offering itineraries prepared for people with reduced physical mobility. Furthermore, IIDC gives seminars to improve service to the client, including the physically challenged traveler.

Today, after eleven years of work and investigation, IIDC can make the dreams of Foundation Fauna come true… that is to say, offer to those Costa Ricans with limited physical mobility tourist information that could help them to discover the natural beauty of their own country.

By means of its Newsletter “Turismo Especializado APT“, IIDC will transmit valuable information for the benefit of the physically challenged travelers. To facilitate their vacation planning, and to discover Costa Rica as a little country that can become… Adapted for all!

Don’t hesitate to call or write to Monic to have a tour designed specifically adapted to your personal needs!

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