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What is the best place for me to retire? We have listed the best-rated destinations and the reasons that make them stand out. Costa Rica ranked well like expected!

Infographic: Top 10 best-rated places abroad for your dream retirement

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1. Mexico

Low-cost, friendly locals and a balance of exotic culture and First-World lifestyle. Mexico offers the easiest transition to expat life.

2. Panama

Panama offers a modern environment you may not have expected to find in the warm, sunny tropics. Panama treats expats like VIPs.

3. Ecuador

Ecuador’s excellent weather has had a fantastic impact on many retirees’ health. You can even choose from different climates! Healthcare in Ecuador’s major cities is top quality at low prices.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well-known for its safety and stability. Breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled beaches. People are friendly and happy. If stress-free and relaxed is what you are looking for, Costa Rica is the place.

5. Colombia

Life in Colombia is both laid-back and festive. Colombians welcome you into their communities with music, dancing, delicious food and festivals. Theaters, churches, museums, trendy nightlife and imaginative restaurants – something for everyone.

6. Malaysia

A clean and modern multicultural society. Malaysia offers a mixture of low-budget and first-class luxury living. People in Malaysia are the friendliest in Asia. Newcomers from all cultures and religions are welcome.

7. Spain

A unique combination of modern facilities, laid-back lifestyle and low cost of living. Enjoy the high standards of European living with less money and stress. The Mediterranean diet and rich cultural offering will keep you healthy and entertained.

8. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a quickly developing country: everywhere you look, there is progress. The life of foreign retirees gets easier and easier every year. Local people are warm and welcome all newcomers. One great upside of a developing country is the very low cost of living.

9. Portugal

Another option for an inexpensive but modern European country. Mild weather, excellent wine and laid-back lifestyle near the sea. The friendly locals speak English and help you blend in.

10. Malta

A tiny island chain between the coasts of Sicily and North Africa. But don’t be afraid of isolation – travel to Italy or France is fast and inexpensive. Enjoy very affordable living and 300 days a year of sunshine and warmth.


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  • David at 10:10 pm

    Nicaragu is pretty cool. Too bad everyone that posts stuff here thinks everyone wants to live in san juan del sur, with all the expats….i lived in a small town called la libertad.

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