Over the past week we have been working with two different buyers from France. Both are couples with children and they both happen to have very similar needs in terms of real estate.

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One couple has recently sold the ‘farm’, literally, and their house is under contract. In other words they are ready to take the plunge. The other couple has already jumped ship, sold everything in France and are now living in Costa Rica.

Because both couples have young families with children ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old, they have concerns about living near quality medical services, in close proximity to good schools, access to quality real estate, and being part of a community.

These are not only concerns of younger families moving to Costa Rica, but also concerns shared by our more mature clients (55 years and older), whom make up about 80% of our buying pool.

Moving to a foreign country is a major life event and choosing the right location is vital to your success in making your new country ‘home’. If you are considering taking the plunge and moving to Costa Rica, these are the top 5 reasons Atenas, Costa Rica should be your retirement/relocation destination.

Quality Medical Care – Time and time again, one of the first questions clients ask us is about the quality of medical care in Costa Rica. Our answer is always the same. We can say FIRST HAND that we have personally had nothing but top quality, world class care from both the private and public health care systems. The approach to medicine in Costa Rica is far different than it is in the United States, in that doctors want to get to the root of the problem and cure the illness instead of throwing drugs at the aliment to mask the symptoms.

CIMA, a well know, respected and renowned hospital in Escazu, is a short 25 minute drive from Atenas via Highway 27. In Atenas, we also have a well respected private medical clinic and ambulances service called Linea Vital, where there is someone on staff 24 hours a day. They are also bi-lingual (Spanish and English). Atenas also has a large CAJA (public) clinic that efficiently and effectively serves the needs of our community.

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Goods and Services – Even if you are moving to Costa Rica for a complete lifestyle change, there are times when you will miss the creature comforts from back home. The good news is that Costa Rica offers almost everything you are used to from back home and more.

With major shopping malls like MultiPlaza in Escazu, AutoMercado, a local grocery store chain, Starbucks and an IMax movie theatre, those cravings are easily satisfied. All of these things are less than a 30 minute drive from our little mountain town of Atenas, Costa Rica. Not to mention that all of your basic needs such as banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants are all found within the six block radius of downtown Atenas.

Juan Santa Maria International Airport – In recent years we have seen more and more young couples and families moving to Atenas. The internet has made working from home common and now home can be virtually anywhere in the world. However, quick access to a major airport is a top concern for those looking to relocate in Costa Rica.

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The Juan Santa Maria International Airport is a short 20 minutes drive from downtown Atenas. There are direct flights to and from the Juan SantaMaria to most major cities in the United States with flight times ranging from 2.5-4 hours. Grandchildren and business meetings are just a hop, skip and a flight away.

Strong Sense of Community – When choosing a new hometown, you need to consider the right balance between the local and expat communities. The one major advantage Costa Rica has over many other retirement/relocation destinations is that the locals are extremely friendly and welcoming.

By jumping feet first into the culture and local community your real life experience in Atenas will be dramatically enhanced and you will automatically experience a real sense community.

Also, having a local support system of other expats is invaluable. The expat community is always a great resource for the how’s, what’s, when’s, why’s and where’s for your new life, not to mention being a support system and ‘shoulder’ to lean on in a time of need.

In Atenas, our expat community fluctuates from between 1,500 to 3,000 inhabitants during the year, depending on the season. This means that there will always be someone to call on in your time of need.

Quality Real Estate – Sometimes I feel like I am playing a broken record when explaining to our clients WHY they should choose Atenas, Costa Rica as their new home. In one word it’s LOCATION!

All three of Costa Rica’s major highways running through Atenas; Highway 27 to the south, Highway 3 right through the center of town and the PanAmerican Highway to the north.

Location, combined with high quality construction that meet international standards with quality amenities, help to make real estate in Atenas desirable and highly sought after.

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The Top 5 Reasons Atenas, Costa Rica SHOULD Be Your Relocation and Retirement Destination!

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