This is Robert Irvin, the developer of The Oaks Tamarindo talking today about The Oaks location.

The Oaks is located 48 minutes south of Liberia International Airport with direct flights into Liberia from many locations in North America.

The Oaks is located 10 minutes north of Tamarindo close to the famous Tamarindo beach and shopping, 18 minutes south of Flamingo and 20 to 25 minutes from many of the best beaches in all of Costa Rica including the best surfing beaches.

The Oaks’ location just outside of Tamarindo is ideal for families and ideal for security.

I often tell people who come here that The Oaks is not a place for two guys looking for two girls. It is a place for families. It is a place for security and it is a place for quiet relaxation in our three swimming pools including particularly a semi-Olympic pool to keep your exercise level to a high level of fitness.

A great location for families to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast of Costa Rica.

As the founder of for over ten years my primary goal has always been to save our VIP Members time and money by investigating projects for you so you don’t end up having another painful and expensive “learning experience.”

The developer of The Oaks Tamarindo, U.S. citizen Robert Irvin is an experienced developer with a proven track record of building quality real estate in Costa Rica and, it’s important to note that this is not a project in pre-construction, The Oaks Tamarindo is a totally completed, debt free project and I feel very comfortable recommending it and I know that Robert Irvin will do his best to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your real estate investment at The Oaks Tamarindo.

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Written by Scott Oliver, author of 1: How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa, 2: Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore and 3. ¿Cómo Comprar Bienes Ra’ces en Costa Rica, Sin Perder Su Camisa?

Scott Oliver's Four Books

Scott Oliver’s Four Books.

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