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With the technological advances in medicine and health care throughout the world, doesn’t it make sense to have a Private Health Insurance coverage that allows you and your family access to the FINEST doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities in the world?

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Most clients are very busy doing what they do best: running their companies, staying active during retirement, mixing the two, etc.! Unfortunately, many countries in Latin America and throughout the Third world, lack true professional advice – when it comes to benefits of their current health plans.

Many PRIVATE plans offer ONLY networks of hospitals and doctors, limiting you and your family’s choices.

Do you really care about choice – when it comes to you or your family’s life or death medical decisions? I hope so…. Do you want to go to John’s Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic or do you want to be forced to stay in a NETWORK?

This is known as Freedom of Choice. Your Freedom to Choose the Best!

Many residents in Third world Latin American countries will travel to the United States for major surgeries and treatments. They will then return to their home country to continue treatment if their country is equipped to assist the patient; if not, several trips a year will be planned to revisit the States.

No Limitations is truly the only way you and your family as policy holders can really begin controlling the quality of medical attention.

Note: International Medical plans continue to evolve, and the best match is those that offer contracted facilities as well as allow freedom to choose.  

Important Questions & Answers about Private International Health coverage:

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Question: As an International citizen, will benefits cease when I reach a certain age?

Answer: Be careful, some plans discontinue after age 70 or 75. offers policies that will cover you for LIFE.

Question: What are the benefits of having a Group or Corporate health coverage?

Answer: Many Carriers offer a corporate policy that will cover a minimum of 5 employees to as many as 50+ employees. This plan is very attractive because all premium rates are identical. If you are 55 and the average age of the group is age 35, you will pay the same average premium as an employee age 35. This program is a great incentive or bonus to retain key executives or employees.

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Question: What type of Quality, Ratings and History do the companies have?

Answer: Our company offers you and your family access to the highest quality International Private Health Insurance, (Individual, Corporate or Hybrid Association), programs and companies in the world.

Question: Which plan is right for my family and me?

Answer: Most plans offer complete Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital in the world. Once we know the ages, country of citizenship, country of residence, if anyone takes prescribed medications and their daily dosage and preexisting conditions…we can customize a plan for you, your family or company within 48 hours.

Question: How does the process work, if I am interested in attaining coverage?

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Answer: Because each case is different and we establish a strategy to protect your assets, so it’s not product driven….the plan is customized for the client, then products are plugged in to deter any possible Swiss Cheese leakage of financial exposure!

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Before You Buy Travel, Health or Life Insurance…

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If you are considering new insurance coverage or your policy is coming due, and would appreciate expert help in choosing what’s best for you, your family and maybe your company, please click on John McGee’s website here and get a customized insurance quote today!

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