Sierpe del Pacifico’s unique positioning on the Sierpe River provides angling enthusiasts with the greatest variety of sport fishing opportunity available in Costa Rica.

Nowhere else in the country does one have access to a large navigable estuarine river system and an off-shore reef system like the one surrounding Cano Island.

This creates a very unique fishery where numerous fish species can be targeted with a variety of techniques. Accessing the fishery from Sierpe del Pacifico is very easy, as the Sierpe River mouth is fully navigable to the Pacific Ocean in all tides, 365 days a year for boats of all sizes.

Vertical Jigging Video with Cassidy Scheer of Sierpe del Pacifico.

Furthermore, this fishery is virtually untouched. There are only a handful of sport fishing boats in Sierpe and Drake Bay. It is not uncommon to have the entire ocean to yourself.

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