The condos are coming! The condos are coming!


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2015 marks the dawn of a new era in Costa Ballena. For those of us in the real estate brokerage profession, we could not be more pleased.

I am sure some of you are cringing. I get it. However, there are many that never considered our area do to the lack of such inventory.

A key element to consider before passing judgment is the amount of land and space we have in the Costa Ballena to accommodate the condos. We have the space for them without disrupting the quality of our lifestyle.

They will not be high-rise monstrosities blocking our views. For buyers seeking a part time residence or those not up to building. A turnkey condo is a wonderful option and offers many a viable solution.

Regardless of my selfish justifications, the condo evolution is here and these are beautifully constructed products.

You may still be thinking of the abandoned high rises that were left to ruin after the global financial crisis. Costa Rica was not immune and we have the rot and rust of abandoned projects to prove it.

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From Jaco to Dominical there were enough unpleasant memories created to last a very long time. The rapacious presale days of yesteryear are over!

Today we are witnessing a new breed of developers. They are fully funded and able to sell and deliver a completed condo with all the amenities.

Some are even planning to offer you financing or a direct link to a bank to assist in obtaining a traditional home loan.

There are 300+ construction workers in Costa Ballena working and building these developments. It is real and it is happening now.

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I am front-and-center to all the activity and will report on this Condo Evolution for years to come. It is exciting to see the progression of Costa Ballena from when there was no electricity, no roads and very few homes to sell…to today.

Whether you seek ocean views, easy access or beachfront, we will have plenty of options for you to choose.

Don’t wait. It’s time to check out Costa Ballena for all your condo needs!

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The Costa Ballena Condominium Evolution. Gorgeous condo apartments being built now in the Southern Zone.

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