If access to fresh local foods is on the top of your list of reasons you want to move to the Lake Arenal area, you’re going to love going to our farmers’ market (or feria as it’s called here in Spanish) at Cinco Esquinas (five corners).

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Located just a few kilometers outside of Tilaran, you’ll find many of the local expats and Ticos gathering every first and third Sunday of the month for a morning full of food and fun. The vendors open up shop from 10 am until 2 pm and it’s not just limited to food items.

There are several sellers here with an abundance of in season fruits and veggies. One of the things you’ll notice about living around Lake Arenal is, unlike North American grocery stores that have the same foods available year-round, much of the produce you buy here depends on the seasons. The way we see it, it gives us something to look forward to, not to mention there is no comparison in terms of flavor.

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You’ll also be able to find eggs, of course from free-range hens chicken, lamb and other meats at the feria. People are selling local honey, nuts, coffee, homemade cheeses, wine, popcorn and cheesecakes. Baked goods are prevalent, and we encourage you to try one of everything.

A few of the vendors will bring in cooktops and other kitchen equipment to their stalls to whip up delicious treats right in front of you. On any given Sunday, you’ll find them making omelets, fresh squeezed juices, warm tacos, sliders and more for you to eat on the spot. So make sure when you show up, show up hungry.

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Perhaps you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or a new piece of jewelry and you’ll be able to find that at the feria too. Ceramic pots, clothing, boots, purses, toys and homemade trinkets can also be purchased. If you’re interested in landscaping your home with ornamental plants, palms, or fruit trees, there are always sellers with a variety of reasonably priced plants available.

Every feria is wonderfully unique. While some vendors are staples at Cinco Esquinas, you’ll find that many are rotating. No matter if you’re grocery shopping or looking for a new pair of earrings, and sometimes you’ll even be able to find a new pet, Lake Arenal locals love any excuse for a social gathering the farmers’ market is the perfect excuse to bring in an eclectic group of people together.

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When you are ready to become the newest resident at Lake Arenal and frequent the Cinco Esquinas feria, contact us at Costa Rica Lake Properties to learn more about making your home here.

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The Cinco Esquinas Farmers’ Market at Lake Arenal.

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