It’s that time of year year again, the green season in Costa Rica.

The rainy season, the green reason, off season, whatever you want to call it, there is no denying that September through November is the slowest times of year for Costa Rica tourism.

And that’s exactly why it makes it the best time to buy real estate in Costa Rica. Let me explain more,

It’s a great time to prepare for the upcoming high season and it’s a good time to begin planning your vacation for the Costa Rica summer months and for sophisticated real estate investors, this time of year can also be the best time of year to buy Costa Rica real estate…

One of the slowest times of year in Costa Rica is the beginning September till about Thanksgiving. The reason for that is quite simple, it’s the time of year we see the most rain, but more importantly it’s when schools start up in the U.S. and really marks the end of summertime in the U.S.

Naturally many families get tied up with starting up school, activities, and other priorities that just take away from even thinking about vacations, let alone buying real estate in Costa Rica.

This of course leads to a drop off in interest and leaves a lot of sellers anxiously waiting for the upcoming high season in hope of making a sale.

Meanwhile these sellers are left holding their properties for the slowest time of year meaning little rental income. All of this gives you great leverage as the buyer.

What’s also key to point out is that sellers always feel they can ask for more during the high season, so waiting 3-4 months can sometimes produce a big swing in price.

On top of all that, purchasing this time of year can be structured so you can close between Thanksgiving-mid December, positioning yourself at the perfect time to rent out your property at the peek of high season.

Lets not fail to mention that flights, hotels and travel costs are often less expensive during October.

Why Buy Costa Rica Real Estate in October/November?

  1. Less Expensive Travel Costs
  2. Better Leverage for Buyers
  3. Sometimes More Anxious Sellers
  4. Just in time to Begin Renting for Upcoming High Season

If you are thinking of purchasing in Costa Rica in the next few months and are in position to move at anytime, I highly encourage to talk to your Realtor to review the best deals on the market and see if you can make October or November your favorite time of year in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

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