Costa Rica Can Be Great For Seniors Too… If You Plan It Right!

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is easy strolling the path through the butterfly garden at Monteverde. No one
is rushed. All are quiet and observant, except for the ooh-ing and ah-ing at the
winged beauties that flit about.

One man in our group, however, was having a very difficult time of it. About halfway
through the tour, he asked for a place to sit down. He continued to sit there
for 15 minutes or so and then slowly made his way back to the front gate and his
waiting vehicle.

The afternoon before this glorious morning, the man and his wife had joined a
group of tourists on one of those legendary canopy tours, where you are strapped
into harnesses and launched from platforms, screaming your way through the
tops of the trees
at breakneck speed.

The man had realized he was in trouble when he reached the launching platform.
The well-trained, enthusiastic and warmly welcoming guides and assistants assured
him, however, that he would enjoy the adventure in the treetops. And so they strapped
him in, and away he went.

Now – the next morning – he could barely walk.

The man was in his mid-80s! What were they thinking to encourage him to participate in such an excursion? Did they not recognize his advanced age? His wife said she hadn’t realized it would be so difficult. She had managed to complete the adventure okay, but swore that she would never do it again.

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There are plenty of active adventures that are appropriate for older visitors
to Costa Rica. Swinging through the canopy like Tarzan is not one of them unless
you are unusually fit for your age.

How do you tell which of the many activities available are likely to be
enjoyable for you? How much walking is required to reach a particular facility?
Is it at the top of a steep incline? Will the trail be muddy or tough to walk
upon? What about the availability of restrooms?

Older folks need not feel limited in what they may be able to enjoy in Costa Rica.
Any individual with special needs of any kind can enjoy this beautiful
land. Just don’t hesitate to ask questions first. Get advice from those who have
been there and done that, preferably someone near your own age and physical condition.

And when someone suggest you let them strap you in a harness and swing you through
the canopy at Monteverde, tell them that you would much prefer a gentle ride through
the canopy in one of those tram cars down the road at Aerial Adventures.


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