Recently I had to do some work in the Del Rey Bar and Hotel in San Jose, a famous location where you can enjoy a few drinks, a meal and a paid female companion if you wish.

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While I was there looking for a girl that should not be in there, a Gringo sat down about two seats to my left, I nodded my head and said “Hola!” and that was it.

A few minutes later a well known prostitute with a very bad history sat down next to him and, listening to what came out of his mouth was like listening to I.Q. points hitting the top of the bar.

“Hi (name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent), we ended up buying that big-assed house out in Santa Ana. My buddies and I paid $275,000 for it so we got a great deal.”

When the girl got up to go to the rest room, probably to pack some coke up her cute nose, I said to him: “Great! Who did the due diligence on the house?”

His answer was: “What’s due diligence?”

I then asked him: “Who checked out the land, the attorney, the agent, who inspected the property?”

His answer was: “We did not do any of that!”

I asked him: “Did you check with the people that Scott recommends at before you made an offer on that house?”

His answer was: “Who is that?”

I knew I needed to be quick to be quick so I answered: “Please buddy! Check with Scott’s team of legal professionals or security experts like us before you close on a property in Costa Rica, because I do not want you to get hurt”.

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His answer was (again listening to the I.Q. points now falling from the bar onto the floor): “We have been coming in and out of here for two years, we know what we are doing”.

His rent-a-friend came back after freshening up and they both shuffled out the door.

So let’s recap and see what this Gringo did wrong:

  1. This Gringo foolishly told a hooker with a very bad reputation where he and his friends live.
  2. He also told her exactly how much money he and his friends paid for the home. She may keep that information to herself but there’s a possibility that she might share it with others who could be more dangerous.
  3. If that was not bad enough, Sr. Gringo came to a country which has had more than it’s fair share of ruthless real estate scam artists – many of whom are also Gringos – and had done nothing to protect himself, his buddies or his real estate investment.

So please boys remember that Costa Rica is a great little country but, you really do need to be smarter than a common every day hooker!

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