People who’ve never had the privilege of visiting Costa Rica before – the little Switzerland of Central America – imagine what it must be like living with monkeys in the trees, colourful birds, lush jungle, green hills, raging rivers and of course some of the most spectacularly beautiful beaches and fishing in the world.

If we can show you an affordable, eco-adventure community on the beautiful, sunny South Pacific coast where you can enjoy all of these natural wonders every single day near your new vacation or retirement home in Costa Rica, would you come visit?


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Sierpe del Pacifico has it all: fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, beaches, mountain biking, birding, wildlife watching, and dolphin and whale watching. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural authenticity, look no further than Sierpe del Pacifico.


Experienced U.S. Developer With A Proven Track Record ofBuilding Quality Real Estate


In analyzing various real estate investments in Costa Rica over the last decade, probably the most important factor in the whole equation for me is the people involved.

Clicking on a website with an ‘About Us’ section that tells us nothing about anyone drives me loco (crazy) and just gives me the feeling that they’ve got something to hide or, at the very least nothing to show.

When you deal with people with “colourful” backgrounds – and we’ve seen a few of them here over the last ten years – you are taking significant, unnecessary risks and, as my long-time VIP Members will testify, my track record in identifying those suspect people in Costa Rica has been excellent.

When you do business with honest people who have proven track records, you are minimizing your risks and increasing the odds that your Costa Rica real estate investment will be a more profitable one and when you visit any of Fred Scheer’s various websites you’ll see everything want you need to know “about us”.


Proven Track Record – U.S. Developer Fred Scheer.


Fred Scheer was born and raised in Hayward, Wisconsin and has been in business in Hayward since 1981 when he and his brother established Scheer’s Lumberjack Shows. (Search for “Scheer’s Lumberjack Show” and you’ll find plenty of videos to keep you amused).

Mr. Scheer’s building experience began with the construction of the Lumberjack Village shops and offices in the mid 1980’s, he later started a construction company and in the past eight years he has built 26 vacation homes in Hayward.

Specializing in building distinctive single family homes, Fred incorporated elements of the area landscape into the interior details of homes and positions the buildings in harmony with their surroundings.


Sierpe del Pacifico For Rugged, Nature Loving,Solar Powered Eco-Adventurers


Fred Scheer is also the Founder and Owner of the Sierpe del Pacifico (SDP) a riverfront Eco Community with Pacific Ocean access located on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Fred’s vision for Sierpe del Pacifico came together in 2006 after visiting a friend for some fishing and property viewing.

Fred’s proven construction background and his unique experience in building vacation resort homes while respecting and working with – rather than against – the environment means that he is probably one of a very few real estate developers in Costa Rica that you should be speaking to if the concept of an eco-adventure community appeals to you, it certainly appeals to me.

Sitting on 65 lush green acres, this Costa Rica real estate development is ecologically focused with just 24 home sites. Green building techniques, solar power and sustainable development guidelines assure owners they will enjoy generations of unspoiled Costa Rica beauty and adventure.

Protected, unspoiled and surrounded on three sides by undeveloped rainforest with the Rio Sierpe on the other, Sierpe del Pacifico is just a fifteen minute boat ride from the Pacific Ocean.

If an unspoiled piece of Costa Rica paradise is your dream, you might want to explore the real estate ownership opportunities at Sierpe del Pacifico Eco Community.


Boat In/Boat Out Ocean AccessWhat Else Makes Sierpe del Pacifico Unique?


  • Nowhere else on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica can you walk to your dock from your home and boat directly in and out of the ocean in all tides, 365 days a year besides the very expensive and developed marinas to the north and south. Sierpe del Pacifico offers safe boat mooring and fully navigable access to the ocean in a much more intimate setting and at a much more affordable price.
  • All new lot buyers receive one to two weeks use per year for five years of the Sierpe del Pacifico Owners’ Lodge – a 1,750 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bath home built on a premier river and mountain view lot. This buying incentive allows owners to immediately start enjoying their investment in Costa Rica without having to build first.
  • There are no financing concerns of any kind. Fred owns all the land outright and oh! By the way …
  • Fred Scheer and his family are the owners of – you guessed it – the Owner’s Lodge – so Fred and his family plan on spending quality time here.

So you can relax and take your time planning the design of the Costa Rica home that will fit your unique requirements.


Build Your Own Jungle Home At Sierpe del PacificoLots For Sale From US$36K – US$225KBuild Your Own Home From US$55-$75 per square foot.


Considering the normally significant prices of most river and ocean properties, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that even with “Boat in/Boat out” ocean access from the Sierpe del Pacifico docks, lots for sale at Sierpe del Pacifico range in price from a very affordable US$36K up to US$225K and building costs – including transport, permitting, and a solar power system – would be in the range of US$55-$75 per square foot.


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