Café Britt Presents the TNT Theater from England production of King Lear by William Shakespeare

Director: Paul Stebbings
Music: Thomas Johnson

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The Café Britt’s Dionisio Theater and Britt Espressivo present, for the first time in Costa Rica, the extraordinary production of “King Lear”.

This play by William Shakespeare, under the direction of Mr. William Stebbings, with the TNT theatrical company from England promises to be an unsurpassed event. This is a unique opportunity for Costa Rican audience to experience first hand theater in the style of great stage productions of the capital cities of Europe.

The staging this outstanding manuscript is carefully orchestrated to create unique theatrical genera, that blends live music, whimsy, imagery and action. This production has been applauded equally by public and critics alike, from Tokyo and Berlin, to Malta and Oslo.

The play unfolds with unexpectedly drawing in the audience with musical complicity. Adding depth and dimension to the scene is the music of the violoncello, violin, percussion, completing a musical canvas in five movements – appropriate to the Shakespearean era.

In all probability, this structure of scenery did not exist, nor the lighting or costumes in such a grand style of sophistication that we have now, but without a doubt, there were always great dramaturges in the theater of old.

Musically, the TNT production of King Lear was contemplated during the rehearsals for the play by the renowned composer, Mr. Thomas Johnson and is fully incorporated to the play.

It not only accentuates the action on stage, but can be taken in as character that narrates and builds up suggestions, that create a strong emotional response.

The scene representing the storm is a true exhibition of the force shown between the vigor of the choreography, sound, music and acting. The glorious Shakespearian language is complimented by this technique, and allows the play to breathe, and unfetters one from the distractions of lesser characters or minor scenes; in this manner the play surfaces clearly and distinctly.

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The setting is Celtic and historical. Lear is the priest-king in a violent world that is oblivious to Christian mercy or Roman law. Seeking to combine: theater, dance and music and to grow closer to the heart of the audience and the human condition, the drama is set with radical interpretation.

King Lear as directed by Paul Stebbings, educated in the Grotowski acting method in concurrence with the “Triple Action Theater”, in Great Britain and Poland. These glorious productions of Shakespearian drama have been viewed from Tehran to London, from Atlanta to Shanghai and Munich to Dubai.

One of Mr. Stebbings major areas of interest has been the integration of music within the theater, as is evident in his development of the production of King Lear. The TNT ensemble, in concert with producer Grantly Marshall and the American Group of Drama Europ, unite to create a theatrical ensemble of international accomplish and presence in the world.

This adaptation of King Lear is the variation for the stage of Paul Stebbings and Phil Smit. The ensemble, is composed by Richard Clodfelter, Ali Kemp, Debara Klayman, Augustina Seymour, Jim Barclay, Gareth Radcliffe and Robin Armstrong who bring all of the characters to life and what is more are the musicians that accompany live the drama during the most important moments of the action.

The music was composed by Thomas Johnson and the choreography is by Eric Tessier-Lavigne, scenery by Bendt Gross and costumes by Julianne Kasprizk.

Sunday Times. “The packed and enthusiastic audience was treated to a highly expressive production of King Lear. As in Elizabethan times, this excellent production called on the imagination audience to create eloquent and intelligent theatre… The unity of acting, design and music was remarkable…

Luxemburger Wort. “Tom Johnson’s music captures the spirit of each scene exactly&.Leo Atkins’ Lear is entirely convincing, while as the blind Gloucester Richard Clodfelter achieves truly tragic stature… The famous storm scene is simply but effectively created… A performance of special quality than reaped long applause from the audience.”

Sudkurier, Germany. “The production was so dramatic and exciting that it was punctuated with “Ohs.” and “Ahs” by the large audience. Given that the play is known not only as Shakespeare’s greatest but also his most intellectual this was quite an achievement… From the first scene where the daughters break up Lear’s kingdom until the final, thrilling, fight-scene the performance was dynamic, surprising and deeply satisfying.

Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland. “TNT demonstrates once again that Shakespeare can communicate across the language barrier. From the very first moment the audience was held in a vice-like grip.”

King Lear by William Shakespeare will be presented at the National Theater in San Jose in two showings only, on the 19th and 20th of September at 8:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket box office of the National Theater or at their web site.

  • Luneta – 15,000 colones
  • Butaca – 18,000 colones
  • Palco platea – 12,000 colones
  • Palco principal – 10,000 colones
  • Galería central – 3,000 colones
  • Galería lateral – 1,500 colones

For additional information about this event you may contact Café Britt or call 277 1600

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