Some people have called Costa Rica the Litle Switzerland of Central America and if there was ever a centre of that picturesque ‘Little Switzerland’ it would be this Tirol area in San Rafael de Heredia.

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Here we have a gorgeous 125,000 square meters (12.5 hectares) mountain top property perfect for a dairy farm, a sheep farm, growing straberries, blackberries or just building your dream home for retirement or vacations. The land is 80% flat with a few slopes on the 30 acres and the electricity line is only 500M away.

There are hundreds of birds, wild turkeys and orchids around as this property and it’s very near the Braulio Carrillo National Park

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This land is located only three kilometeres from Tirol (where land prices are now approaching $100M2) and two kilometers from the famous Hotel Condesa, you would enjoy plenty of crystal clear water from your own source, spectacular views and, it’s only 19 kilometers from Heredia.

Land For Sale Owner Financing Is Available – US$550,000 or less than $5 per square meter.

With 25% down the owner is willing to finance the balance at a competitive rate over a five year period. There is a nearby property of about the same size for sale and the owner is asking 45% more so we believe this could be an excellent long term real estate investment in a rapidly appreciating area of Costa Rica.

If history is anything to go by this land could be worth $15 per square meter in a few years

Costa Rica Land For Sale – 30 acres for only $550K

Please note that to help and protect you – our VIP Members – has completed a basic title search on this property which revealed that everything appears to be in order. However, as you know, we would always recommend that you have have your own attorney confirm that all is in order before you make a final offer.

Anyone seriously interested in purchasing this Costa Rica land for sale by owner in Heredia, please contact the owner Gerardo directly by email using the simple form below:

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If you have a quality home for sale by owner in Costa Rica, please see Help-U-Sell Your Home.

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