It was inevitable. Almost predictable. Being a voracious reader of the global financial markets, you could see it coming a kilometer (ok 3,500 miles) away. After all my ranting the last seven years, it has finally come. Yes, the market has changed.

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Most of you are about to miss the train and that’s too bad as these trains only leave the station about every 15 years. You see, history shows that it takes about seven years for real estate to turn up and seven years to come back down. So the train is right on track.

More importantly, the influx of sophisticated capital that has not only knocked on the door, but has come in, is here RIGHT NOW.

What is even more interesting is the last upswing in Costa Ballena we experienced the, ‘land-grab’, which was comprised of small players buying up “A” quality ocean view properties. Some built while others created the infrastructure (like this author).

This time around we will see the development phase of the market. It is happening, right now. Not in the future, but Now.

I have been saying this to my customers the last six months. Some think I have become a hard sales dude. Some tilt their head and I can see them paying closer attention.

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Well, as the saying goes, “Some will make it happen, some will watch what happens and others will wonder what happened.” Which one are you?

Right now, there are approximately (as of today) 50 homes under construction in Costa Ballena. My colleagues in Guanacaste do not believe me. Oh really? Come on down and see it for yourselves.

We are selling high quality land to build your home. Yes, the best of the ocean view lots are selling. Most said land was dead and it was, but now the train doors are closing…

Just this month our office has put seven lots into Escrow. What? Most of 2014 was about homes sales, not land. Well, it is changing and the trend is firmly in place.

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Right now, a significant landmark in Dominical was sold. It was a restaurant that had a 20-year history in town. It went dormant the last seven years and this month it sold. The new owners gutted it the first day they took ownership and it will be remodelled and open for business within 45 days.

Today, we just sold a small hotel in town and THE finest beachfront site (that is poised to be a world-class hotel) just closed escrow.

Today, permits were issued to begin construction on a significant beachside development that will act as the anchor for the capital that is being deployed locally. This will include a “branded” full product line and service company with a multitude of offerings.

Currently, a new bus station is being constructed in Uvita — hm, I guess you can imagine what the intentions are with that move. More commerce!

Right now the story is unfolding. It is exciting to be here, right now, to be a part of our future and participate as we can. With almost twelve years of being “front row, center” witnessing our Costa Ballena community grow, I can accurately share the finest of details with you.

Things are happening folks. Right now. If you seriously interested in investing in a thriving Costa Rica real estate market, get on the train now before it leaves you behind.

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Serious Costa Rica Real Estate Investors Have Returned to the Costa Ballena in the Southern Pacific Zone

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