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Property in the Mountains of Valle de la Estrella (Valley of the Stars) for sale. The area was appropriately named because on clear nights you can see millions of stars. The farm is located about 1,000 feet above sea level and has an amazing view of the valley floor below. All the houses face the sunset so you can watch the colors change as the sunsets from each porch.

This secluded self sustaining farm has been maintained to be a peaceful, quiet retreat. There are 5 houses, carport, tilapia pond, chicken houses, large animal pastures, lots of fruit trees, and 360 cacao plants soon to be ready for the picking.

Land Size: 21 hectares/ 210,000 sq m
Construction Size
House 1 : 130 sq m
House 2 : 83 sq m
House 3 : 83 sq m
House 4 : 67 sq m
House 5 : 102 sq m

House 1: 3 bedrooms
House 2: 2 bedrooms
House 3: 3 bedrooms
House 4: 1 bedroom
House 5: 3 bedrooms

Each house has 1 bathroom

The view is the most astounding thing about the farm. There is lots of food that grows on the farm and has made my grocery bill so much less. Each house has something uniquely designed to make each house. My absolute favorite thing we grow are the bananas and pineapples. We have enjoyed raising farm animals and having our own fresh milk every day. The property is beautifully decorated with lots of varieties of flowers. The evenings are very cool and with little bugs. The floors are all ceramic and makes for easy clean up. Fresh spring water and fresh clean air!!!

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