Calling all passionate souls who want to build and live in a vibrant community! PLUS 2 prizes for the best, most heartfelt definitions of such a community.

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There is a community being created at Altos de Antigua. Our desire is to attract people who want to make things happen, people in love with life, passionate entrepreneurs who might run their businesses from that location. That’s the reason for this ‘Screw Retirement’ article, and for an upcoming exploration of ‘Business Opportunities in Puriscal’.

I, for example, aim to operate my Project Management Training and Coaching service as an online business that I can run from anywhere there is internet access, whether in Canada, in the French countryside or at Altos de Antigua in the mountains of Puriscal, Costa Rica.

Before I get into the meat of this article I have a question for you. What does ‘retirement’ mean to you? I’d really like to know. I ask because as I sought the words to express to you my sense of retirement I realized that not everyone would have the same view as me. Please write to me here.

My notion of ‘retirement’ was that after decades of running faster and faster in the rat race I would finally put my feet up, relax and while away the hours. I decided very quickly that would be boring and not for me. I did not want to wither away, becoming old watching reruns of bad TV shows. Do you?

For a long time now I have chosen to use the word ‘Rejuventation’ … instead of retirement to describe this next chapter of life, and I really look forward to the countless fulfilling possibilities.

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In rejuvenation we have the luxury of time, and for some money, to do whatever we want, to do what truly fulfils us. So what will that be? How do you and will you spend your time? What new project or adventure are you starting?

Will you learn to play an instrument or finally get into the best physical condition you can? Do you sing, speak Spanish, paint, dance; Argentine Tango for example? That’s a dance you can enjoy into your 80s. Pamela Camacho, pictured here, teaches Argentine Tango in Costa Rica.

What fulfils you? Where and when do you experience joy? How do you spread joy? Is the space around you a joyful one simply because you choose to be joyful? What makes you feel like your spirit is bursting from your heart into the world around you?

How can you get more of that in your life? Have you considered opportunities to volunteer in your local community?

Sing your heart out, in a choir or on your own.

Take singing for instance. Join a choir, use karaoke on your computer or with your friends, or use Youtube videos to sing duets with your favourite singers. For example; sing Always on my mind with Julio Iglesias and Willy Nelson, or any song with Leonard Cohen. With whom would you choose to sing along?

To a very large extent our enjoyment of life is impacted by the communities we live in and are part of. What community are you part of? How would you define your perfect community? What feelings would you have because you are part of that community?

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As an owner in Altos de Antigua I want to surround myself with people who are seeking fulfilment, people sparkling with love of life. I expect they will be creating new initiatives, not as a means for having a guaranteed job, but simply because they love what they do.

They have neither pressure to produce a certain level of income, nor pressure to meet someone else’s (read ‘Company’ or ‘Boss’) deadlines and financial targets. Whatever they create, they do so for themselves, but it invariably benefits those around them. What do you choose to create for yourself and for the rest of us? And it is all done with a sense of PLAY.

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