It was a bittersweet day today. Our son Kian Zachary, who is just shy of 2 years, started in pre-school. If you can imagine, he didn’t cry and in fact LOVED school. I have to say I was sad to drop him off, but they tell me that is normal!

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Kian is one of a small group of students at the Blue Ocean Bilingual Academy (Academia Bilingue) which just opened its doors earlier this year in August.

The new bilingual academy offers quality education and the year runs from August to June (which follows the international calendar). The school made a point of lowering its tuition this year to $150 per month to make it accessible to more families in the community.

Registration and uniforms are extra. There is also a meal plan and longer hours for those who have parents that need daycare in the afternoon as well. The food is prepared by a nutritionist on site and all the food is fresh and made for the nutritional needs of smaller children.

The normal schedule is Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

What I love about the school (well, I love many things) but for starters, they are there to greet to children as they get dropped off. From 7:30 to 8 AM they play on the playground.

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At 8 AM they go inside for class. Their day is spent doing many fun things such as art, music, cultural activities, and even swim classes. The children are able to participate in the swim class with professional instructors who supervise the children in the pool.

I think it’s great that your child learns to swim quickly (especially living at the beach). Children are evaluated every two months, however we receive a daily report letting us know how Kian is going, how he ate and how he behaved (via email!)

The director of marketing, Nayubel Chavarria, is very proud of the new school and told me that the goal of Blue Ocean is to demonstrate that Guanacaste is outdoing itself every day.

The school was founded to change standards, make improvements, and to open educational opportunities in the area. All of the teachers are Early Childhood Education graduates. The institution is fully supported by the Educational Program of the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica.

Blue Ocean has a new, modern building with large organized class rooms, air conditioning, and are decorated with really nice children motifs. The pool is large and there is a beautiful playground and spacious parking lot.

The school is located in Huacas, centrally located between Flamingo and Tamarindo beaches in Guanacaste.

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