Ed Dale, an owner in Pacifico and a long time Successful RE/MAX Agent in Canada had a dilemma. His Pacifico Beach Club minimum had not been used for the year and he was coming to stay at his Pacifico Condo.  He thought to himself that he would probably go to Dinner a few times and have drinks with friends and it would be used up just like last year.

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Instead though he came up with the idea to use the remaining amount and throw a big Christmas Lunch for a group of kids in the local San Blas School. 

He talked with Pacifico and they thought it was a great idea so both Ed Dale and Pacifico teamed up to give the kids a Christmas they won’t soon forget. 

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Here is the video of the event.  THANKS ED and PACIFICO!

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Santa Claus Comes To Town!

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