For the second time in a few weeks, this invader managed to avoid the electric fence, climbed down the wall outside my office and boldly walk right into my office here in Santa Ana…

Meet Iggy!

As soon as he entered my office, Iggy saw the surprise on my face, realized he did not have an appointment and started to panic.

First he sprinted across the office floor and scuttled behind my desk, then he reversed out and hid in the crevice between one of my bookcases and the wall.

This Ctenosaur iguana (Ctenosaur similis) can grow up to 1.3 meters long so this was still a young one. I’m not positive if it was male or female and simply didn’t have the time to inspect him/her that closely anyway.

Fo those readers who do want to know how to tell what sex an iguana is, you can read more about that. here


Grabbing a blanket, I got a grip of Iggy’s tail and gently pulled him out from his new found lair while he hissed like an angry cat and, took him outside and put him back in his own garden next door.

And no! Many indigenous people consider Iggy to be a tasty “tree chicken” but I do NOT eat iguanas.

Iguanas have been here for 5,000,000+ years so we are the ones invading their territory so while you’re here in Costa Rica, I would encourage you to always treat the wildlife with love and respect.

If you find one in your garden, there’s no need to kill it, they’re primarily herbivores and only rarely will they eat small dogs and children – only kidding – just gently guide it in the right direction and it will go on it’s way.

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  • David Ramsey at 2:53 pm

    We just got home from a week at Best Western Jaco’ Beach. One of the things we enjoyed was watching the iguanas running around in the garden and by the pool. I think they know they’re cool.

  • Gavin Emberson at 5:13 pm

    I read there could be issues with Americans opening opening a bank accounts for the IRS and other retirement checks to be deposited in. Is there any truth to this. Thank you
    Gavin Emberson

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