Located high atop Puriscal with panoramic views to Alajuela and San Jose, the 3-bedroom, 2-bath main house is partially furnished and the 2-bedroom, 2-bath rental unit is fully furnished. Lots of upgrades within the past year including new deck tiles and support structure, new septic system, new ceiling, totally new kitchen cabinets in rental unit and more. Over 2700 sq. ft. of space plus another 1000 sq. ft. of deck and patio space. Conveniently located within walking distance of Maxi Pali for all your shopping needs.

Available for your inspection, call WhatsApp +617 482 3707 or email theontarget@earthlink.net

Where exactly is the home located?
Jonquillo arriba, frente tanque AYA

How long does it take to get to the nearest international airport?

When was the house last on the market?
Currently advertised on FSBO and Craigslist

How far to San Jose in A: Miles and B: Minutes travel time?
41 km, 1 hr 2 min

Do you know who designed your home?

Do you know which builder built your home?

Do you know which architect designed your home?

Did you do your own interior design or did you have a professional to help you?
Pre-existing house.

What are the exact measurements of the land in square meters and square feet?
471 sq. m., 5069.80 sq. ft.

How many square meters or square feet of construction in the house?
347 sq. m.

How big is the living room?
587 sq. ft. & 205 sq. ft.

How many bedrooms are there?
5 Bedrooms

How many bathrooms?
4 Bathrooms

Is this an individual house or condominium?
Multi family

How much is monthly maintenance?
Internet $30, water $20, electric $40 & $20

How many floors?

What type of construction?
Steel & concrete

How many telephone lines?
Currently 2

What is your asking price?

Will you offer seller financing?

Has your home been featured in any architectural or real estate magazines?

What feature of your home have you most enjoyed?
The view and patio

What is the ‘folio real’ property identification number?
(This will not be published but we must have this information which will be checked) The ‘Folio Real’ number should be a 6 digit number follow by a dash and three digits like as in 000.000-000 1597751-000

Please be as personal as you can when you tell us what are your top ten favorite things that you will miss about living in this home?
1. Beautiful panoramic views
2. Aerial view of city lights at night
3. Watching birds soar by
4. convenience to Puriscal center
5. Escape from cold Winters in the states
6. Warm days – cool nights
7. Central location to San Jose and Pacific beaches

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