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A perfect property for a couple or single person located in the mountains at 3300 feet with Central Valley Views that really sparkle at night. This two bedroom/ two bath home is well designed to maximize space and provide great views with floor to ceiling windows. It is currently an income producing property for the owner who lives next door. Built in 2015 with concrete/steel A-1 Building Systems and built to a 9.0 earthquake standard, it has the conveniences that make it a very comfortable home such as a separate laundry room with a washing machine and room for a dryer, storage, stove, refrigerator, microwave. It comes fully furnished. $160,000 USD.

Where exactly is the home located?
This home is located in Grifo Alto, a short distance from Santiago de Puriscal

How long does it take to get to the nearest international airport?
Actual distance if I was a crow 15 miles but it is about 1 hour to drive

When was the house last on the market?
It has not been listed on the market

How far to San Jose in A: Miles and B: Minutes travel time?
San Jose is about 40 miles away and travel time is about one hour depending on traffic.

Do you know who designed your home?
We designed it with an architect/engineer

Do you know which builder built your home?
Yes, our local general contractor who built our second home and many others

Do you know which architect designed your home?

Did you do your own interior design or did you have a professional to help you?

What are the exact measurements of the land in square meters and square feet?
The property is 559 square meters (6,017 square feet)

How many square meters or square feet of construction in the house?
The house is 109 square meters (1173 square feet)

How big is the living room?
About 30 meters squared; 322.9 square feet

How many bedrooms are there? What sizes?
Two bedrooms, the master at 16M2 or 173 sq ft, guest at 12.2M2, or 132 sq.ft.

How many bathrooms?
There are two full baths

Is this an individual house or condominium?
This is an individual house

How much is monthly maintenance?
Not applicable

Is there a maid’s room?

How many floors?
One, no steps

How big is the garden in square meters and square feet?
There is no formal garden although there is a lawn

Is there a swimming pool? If so what size?

In what year was the home built?

What type of construction?
Concrete and Steel A-1Building Systems

How many telephone lines?

Is there cable internet access in your area? If so which company?
Yes, this property has DSL internet through the phone company

Is the owner of the property a person or a corporation?
Corporation although since corporation owns additional house on same property would not be sold or transferred. Resurvey will be done at sellers expense.

What is your asking price?
$160,000 US Dollars

Will you offer seller financing?

Has your home been featured in any architectural or real estate magazines?

What feature of your home have you most enjoyed?
The view

Please be as personal as you can when you tell us what are your top ten favorite things that you will miss about living in this home?
We have enjoyed living in this house prior to building our main home just next door (however with plenty of privacy). Many a day and night we spent sitting on the patio just enjoying the weather, the butterflies, birds, the quietness and views. It is close to the entrance to this development so often neighbors would stop by for a cup or just to chat. Our water system in Grifo Alto is contained for the community and is among the best in Costa Rica. We can drink out of the tap anytime without having to do anything to the water. On those days we don’t feel like driving into San Jose, we will take the public transportation which is excellent, timely and close by. Due to the elevation, we do not need air conditioning or heating as the daytime temps are warm while the nights are cool enough to sleep. Our Tico neighbors are among the best.

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