This property is located in Grecia (Los Angeles, al fin de Calle Salguero), Costa Rica. Located about 10 minutes from Grecia and 40 minutes from San Jose, this property is within easy rich of a city and Costa Rica’s capital.

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The international airport located in San Jose is approximately 1 hour away.

The property is 5,000 square meters in area (53,819 square feet) and has both a residential home and a commercial building located on it.

The residential home is approximately 1,000 square feet, fully furnished, and located on the upper terrace of the property.

  • Residential Home: 1,000 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Commercial Building: 1,500 square feet with a ½ bathroom.

Since it was last on the market in 2010, the home’s bathroom has been redone and new electrical wiring installed. Both buildings have installed security systems.

At the end of its street and gated, this property offers increased privacy and security. Right on the River Vigia, you can enjoy the pleasant sound of rushing water and walk out onto boulders that rise above the water’s surface.

Fruit trees are planted on the property such as sugarcane, banana, mango, breadfruit, and citrus allowing residents’ access to fresh produce.

Top Ten Things I Love About This Property.

  1. Privacy of the location. This is a gated property at the end of its street providing increased security and safety to the domicile.
  2. Fruit trees planted on the property such as: Macadamia, bread fruit, mango, avocado, banana, plantain, papaya, sugarcane, coffee, and citrus.
  3. Calm environment away from the noise pollution of the city
  4. Friendly neighbors
  5. Within walking distance of a convenience store
  6. Large outdoor area of the home provides space for exercise and play
  7. Stone staircase allows easy access to the bottom plateau near the river
  8. Hearing the river at night or after rains and walking down to sit on the boulders on its banks
  9. Fishing pond filled with tilapia and fed by a natural spring
  10. Abundance of wildlife. Butterflies such as the beautiful Giant Morpho are attracted to the flowers and can be seen flying around the property. Numerous birds help bring a pleasant start to one’s morning.

Simply driving up to the property one can see its beauty. After opening the electric gate, residents can drive a path walled with flowers on one side.

For those who are wildlife lovers, the property is visited by beautiful butterflies such as the Giant Morpho and native bird species.

A fishing pond filled with tilapia and fed by a natural spring also adorns the property. This is a very beautiful property with an excellent neighbor nearby to help keep an eye on things and a great opportunity at $220,000.

Please Contact The Owner For More Information!

If you have a serious interest in buying this home, commercial building on 5,000m2 of land being sold by owner in Grecia, Costa Rica please email the owner Mark Luckenbach here or, telephone him on: (863) 991-0576

We would always recommend that you have have your own attorney confirm that all is in order before you make a final offer for any land or home.

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  • Raul B. Garza at 5:23 pm

    I’m interested send more information to my e-mail

    • WalkiriaMG at 12:46 pm

      Hi Raul This is a property for sale by owner, please get in contact with Mark Luckenbach directly by email. or If you prefer to call the owner, Mark’s phone number is (863) 991-0576

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