In what I described as being the trial of our generation, Ross Ulbricht, of the Silk Road free market online marketplace, was found guilty today on all charges and now faces sentencing of 30 years to life.

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The charges included charges of narcotics conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, and engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise.  This from a government who constantly says conspiracy theorists should be jailed.  Not to mention that dealing in narcotics amongst two voluntary parties is not a crime. Nor is trying to keep your funds out from under the purview of the all-seeing eye of the US government.  If there is no victim there is no crime.

At most trials where the defendent is being charged with life in jail the courtroom will have a significant amount of the victim’s family and friends on trial hoping to see justice served for what the defendent is said to have done to the victim.

In this case the courtroom was full of Ross supporters and not one single person who felt Ross had done them wrong.  His family sat stoicly and proud of their son and, even that, was denied as the judge told Ross that he was not allowed to look in their direction or smile.

There was only one victim in this trial and that was Ross Ulbricht who had all of his money stolen by the US government (even before he was convicted), was tortured in solitary confinement and it now appears he’ll be kidnapped and held in a work/rape camp for the rest of his life for nothing.

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It appears a retrial will happen due to the countless extreme and egregious tactics waged by the judge and prosecutor who used every underhanded tactic possible to sway the jury.  In this case, please continue to support Ross Ulbricht as he’ll need all the help he can get if he ever has any chance of escaping from the third world country he is currently trapped in.

Of course, there are already countless new Silk Roads. There will always be… wherever there is demand there is always a willing entrepreneur there to try to help people get what they desire.

What I do advise anyone trying these sorts of capitalist enterprises is what I would have advised Ross had I known him.  Get out of the USSA!

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There is no worse country in the world than the USSA for spying, entrapping and finding anyone they want and incarcerating them.  At least by living outside of the US you give yourself some options.  Inside the US, if the all-seeing eye casts its gaze on you there is not much more we can do than pray.

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He was recently blocked from re-entering the US… something to which I told him he’d likely look back upon as being a blessing, not a curse.

I also will never again go to the US as it is far too much of a third world, banana republic fasco-communist police state for my liking.

Our thoughts and hearts are with Ross, his mother Lyn who is a good friend (see Anarchast: The Importance of the Silk Road Trial), and the rest of his family today.  It’s just another day where another non-violent human being has been extorted and kidnapped in the USSA.  It sadly happens hundreds of times per day there… if not more.

Also, take notice of what this trial’s verdict says about the US.  If you have a website and people use the website to do something “illegal”, you are responsible for it.  It’s as absurd as saying Bell is responsible for any crime contemplated via the use of their telephones.  

But, that is the US today, everything is absurd.

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