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Many clients ask us “If I retire to Costa Rica what is there to do for retirees?” Well, once you’ve gotten settled and exhausted all of the day-tripping to see the many wonders of Costa Rica, which are often repeated when your guests are in town, there are many activities and social gatherings to keep you busy.

In our town of Atenas, you’ll find just about any activity that would interest in your home country. Within a 30-minute drive there are golf courses, tennis courts, modern malls and movie theaters, beaches, volcano tours, hiking, biking, rappelling, world class fishing and so much more.

Also in Atenas, there are a variety of social groups like womens’ clubs, garden clubs, book clubs, poker clubs, and volunteer groups along with classes for painting, dancing, cooking and Spanish to name a few. All of these activities are in addition to the morning coffee shop chat, the weekly farmers market, expat dinner parties, the countless local fiestas, and other local events.

Retirement Living In Atenas Costa Rica – Free video part II

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Additionally, many expats may invest in a local business or real estate project to stay active and earn some income. Costa Rica doesn’t have a capital gains tax so this creates attractive opportunities for the savvy retiree. In the end, you will only be bored in Costa Rica if you choose to be. And for those who wish to remain private, you’ll find high-speed internet, satellite TV, video rentals, or a bar stool to help keep you occupied.

Atenas, said to have the ‘Best Climate in the World’, is already home to a large expat retirement community. This tranquil town has all modern services and products that Americans are accustomed to including modern grocery stores, great restaurants, private and public medical clinics, pharmacies, dentists, hardware stores, high-speed internet and much more.

This community welcomes newcomers with open arms and foreigners will immediately feel comfortable in this safe and peaceful town.

If current trends are correct, an increasing portion of the nearly 100 million baby boomers in North America are considering retiring abroad. And simply put, no other country matches the combined benefits and beauty of Costa Rica.

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If you are one who is considering making the retirement leap to a foreign country, I encourage you to research all possibilities and I’m confident that you’ll find Costa Rica a few notches above the rest (United States included).

We look forward to answering any questions you may have to help find a great property in the Western Central Valley and help guide your transition to a new life of retirement abroad.

Considering The Atenas Area For Your Home In Costa Rica?

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The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) ranks Atenas as one of “The Best Places to Retire Abroad.” For more information about homes and land for sale in the area please contact our Recommended Realtors in Atenas by using the simple form below:

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