Retirement Living In Atenas Costa Rica – Free video part I

Retiring to a foreign country comes with many challenges. First, you must decide what type of lifestyle you desire in retirement.

Lifestyle choices like climate, cost of living, access to services (especially quality health care), quality of life, social opportunities, and distance from loved ones seem to be the most important to the average retiree.

Increasingly, it is becoming more difficult financially to retire in the United States. Although real estate prices have come down in popular retirement areas like Florida and Arizona, the cost of taxes, health insurance, food, and other necessities have skyrocketed making it very difficult for North Americans to retire comfortably in the States.

Retirement Living In Atenas, Costa Rica Video

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Costa Rica is attracting expat retirees from all over the globe for several reasons. The terrific year-round climate and stunning beauty are usually the first to draw the attention of adventurous Boomers.

Once you dive deeper you’ll find an inviting country that has a history of political peace and economic stability – truly a rare quality in today’s tumultuous world. Next, you’ll discover the best public and private health care system in Latin America (including the best private hospital in Central America CIMA) all for a fraction of what it costs to get care in the “developed” world.

This brings us to the lure that brings many middle-income retirees to Costa Rica – the lower cost of living. Although real estate prices (for quality) are similar to the “developed” world, Costa Rica residents enjoy significant savings in taxes, health care, basic services, entertainment, and food.

And the wonderful climate in the Central Valley allows one to live without the expense of heating or air conditioning which further adds to the savings. Sure, one can find items that are more expensive here, most notably imported foods, fuel, electronics, and name brand clothing, but one can choose to live very simply in comfort in Costa Rica…

This is to be continued in Retirement Living In Atenas Costa Rica – Free video part II here.

Considering The Atenas Area For Your New Home In Costa Rica?

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