When I decided to make Costa Rica my home I traveled throughout the country to see which area would be the best fit for me. I’ve lived in big cities like Seattle and New York as well as small rural communities and college towns and the truth is I like them all.

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That is probably why Jaco and the Central Pacific area was such a perfect fit for me and my wife. Here I have the comforts and familiarities that I love in a small town.

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And although Jaco is fairly small it still has must enough amenities and conveniences for me to have an active and productive lifestyle. An air-conditioned gym, clinics, banks, grocery stores, to have all of this all within a few blocks makes life much easier on a day to day basis.

But to me what makes Jaco so right for me is it’s central location. At any time I can drive 15-20 minutes and see beautiful beaches like Punta Leona or Bejuco.

If I’m craving a piece of that rustic feel I am just miles from authentic Costa Rica surf towns like Hermosa and Esterillos, but at the same time have luxury at it’s finest just minutes away at the Los Suenos Resort.

And NOW with the new highways we can take a short drive to the city of San Jose.

My Costa Rican wife is from Cartago, so when I decided to settle down I knew we would be traveling frequently to the Central Valley. With the highway now complete we can now visit family or just get our fix of the city in a short trip.

It’s also exciting because we are already seeing the demand for real estate here from Costa Ricans in San Jose. With the beach being just an hour away there are many affluent Ticos looking to purchase a second home in the Jaco area.

Many people ask me about crime in Costa Rica. Personally it’s not something I have dealt with, other than having a bicycle stolen once… Although my wife and I do not live in a gated community, we feel very safe walking through Jaco late at night.

Because Jaco is such a small community most people know and look out for each other which I feel makes for a safe environment.

Obviously I have my bias, but I really feel for anyone interested in living in Costa Rica the Central Pacific area offers something for everyone. I hope to see you come down one day so you can discover just how great it is to be in paradise.

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