My friend Peter brought his cameraman and came to visit me in my apartment in San Jose to discuss the many aspects of living and retirement in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Retirement Video #1

In the first retirement video Peter asked me about the reasons I love living in Costa Rica and we touched on the wonderful climate, the people of Costa Rica – the Ticos – and the cost of living.

Costa Rica Retirement Video #2

In the second retirement video we continue chatting about the cost of living in Costa Rica, how people underestimate the real costs of living in the US and the benefits of the remarkably affordable and very caring health care system in Costa Rica.

We also chat about starting up your new life in Costa Rica, the quality of life, the low property taxes and if you are an American, Canadian or any other non-Costa Rican person retired in Costa Rica, you pay zero taxes on your pension income and investment income.

Costa Rica Retirement Video #3

In the last video Peter asks about how many US and Canadian expats are living in Costa Rica, what other advice people should seek before even thinking about making a decision to retire to Costa Rica.


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